Friday, December 21, 2012

Blue Christmas, Miles Davis & Bob Dorough

I know many of you out there probably think we only listen to rockabilly around here........but the truth is - we are into all kinds of music - except this new crap called country.
REAL country has a fiddle, lap steel, and NO rapping.
But that is for a different rant.
Today we must tell you that Bob Dorough is a talent that is not to be missed.
Some like him - some dont:
Will Friedwald said: “Anyone who’s ever taken a singing lesson resents the hell out of Bob Dorough for having the nerve to pass himself off as a vocalist.”

I love him and hope you dig the Christmas tune with the legend - Miles Davis

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elvis Presley ♥ "Santa Claus Is Back In Town" & "Blue Christmas" ♥

I love the fact that Elvis is able to improvise and try to sing a song without really knowing the for Blue Christmas - yeah - it is a classic and this is a cool version

Monday, December 3, 2012

Vintage Torque Fest Special Parking for Vintage Drag Cars

If you are going to be a PARTICIPANT at the Tri State Raceway Vintage Drags on Sunday May 5 - let us know and we will reserve a spot for you at the Vintage Torque Fest for your ride!
You have to let us know 2 weeks in advance though....
Seeya there and remember it is only $5 for spectators that have the Vintage Torque Fest wristband to come out and watch.
$20 for cars that are going to make passes.
All entry fees will be paid directly to Tri State Raceway.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thursday Pre Party May 2 VINTAGE TORQUE FEST

The city of Dubuque is way cool.  How cool?  The city is letting Vintage Torque Fest have an open header parade on Thursday May 2, 2013!
Yes, Dubuque does have a loud pipe ordinance....... but they waived it for the week of Torque Fest!
As a result we are going to rumble our way through downtown Dubuque escorted by the po-po.
ALL street legal cars are welcome to take part in this public parade.
The route will be determined around Feb.
We are still in talks with some businesses to see if they want to team up and make this an even bigger party.....
no matter what - it is gonna be a good time and we hope you will join us....
either as a participant - Or as a spectator.
Get that spot by the downtown clock tower early...cause it is gonna be a sight when a couple hundred hot rods, customs, muscle cars, motorcycles, and classics roll by.
Details will be updated on the site

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vintage Drags May 5, 2013 - Tri State Raceway - NEW part of Torque Fest '13

May 5
Tri State Raceway
Vintage Torque Vintage Drags
So you did not get enough action during Friday & Saturday?
c'mon out and check out the cars going down the 1/4 mile.
Entry is only $5 for spectators to get in at this special event WITH TORQUE FEST WRISTBAND.  $10 for spectators that do NOT have the wristband.  There will be special parking for those that have classic cars.  ALL classic cars are welcome in this special parking area.
If you want to run your car down the track - you must pass inspection and you pay $20 for unlimited passes.
To run your car down the track you must NOT have any modern aftermarket accessories.
This means those aerodynamic hoods, modern wheels, and modern paint schemes will be asked to park in the spectator area for today.  Tri State has MANY other oppurtunities for cars to run throughout the season.... May 5 is to be a special day set aside for the vintage vibe.  Hope you will join us.
The raceway is 28 miles west of the Dubuque County Fairgrounds.
Tri State Raceway   
   2217 270th Ave   
   Earlville, IA  52041   
   Phone - (563) 923-DRAG(3724)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Vintage Torque Fest - Cruise In Section for ALL cars

Vintage Torque Fest is a show that welcomes ALL hot rods, customs, muscle, and stock classics.  We have a separate parking area for cars that don't quite meet our entry guidelines.  This means that even if you have a killer 442 and think - " I want to go to Torque Fest, but they won't let my car in."  This is just not the case - we have an area connected to the show that EVERYONE will see your car.  It is NOT connected to the spectator parking.  Yes we concentrate on getting the pre '65 cars in the door at Torque Fest, but we want you guys with the killer kustom vans and VW bugs to know they are welcome as well.
Hope to seeya May 3-5, 2013
Dubuque IA

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Customs Wanted - Feature Car Selections Needed

We are about half full on the feature cars for Vintage Torque Fest.  We need some killer kustoms from back in the day.  If you have a kustom car that would have been something that was built in the 50's or 60's.... EMAIL US! We want to see it at Vintage Torque Fest in Dubuque.
May 3-5
contact us :

Friday, October 12, 2012


Why? - Cause of the people involved.....

First - Thanks to the Good Lord Above for all the blessings - too many to count - the friends and those that we cherish in this community are incredible and I know that without some guidance from somewhere else...we simply would not be able to have such tremendous support.

Gotta give some huge thanks to Tin Militia - they were ALL going 90 to nothing for 3 days straight....There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that Mitch Huffington laid out - we are forever in his debt. He and his wife, Jenni,  have taken this on as a major undertaking, and we are very happy that they are able to have such a positive influence on the show.

Andy Long and his wife , Jessica, were there the entire time helping out - and thanks for helping sell the shirts outside - we simply did not have the manpower to do it and you help make the event shirts roll on out the door. We appreciate it.

Marquardt- the big guy in Tin Militia that looks kind of intimidating - was running non-stop as well, and when we needed help getting the traffic out of the event - Mike was already on hand trying to get it all lined up. It is really difficult to get 3,000 cars out of one exit when they all want to leave at the same time.
Next year we will hire the local sheriff to start exiting cars at 1pm instead of 3pm. We just did not think people would leave so early....

The swap meet looked like it had the right vibe - and that is because the Tin Butchers were in charge! They were not letting in the Beanie Baby or tupperware sales - those people can set up anywhere - we want car parts ONLY. Does that make for a smaller swap? YES. But we would rather have 25 swap meet guys selling the right stuff than 100 selling new Hot Wheels and lawnmower parts. Remember that the first Torque Fest only had 8 swap meet guys. This past year we had over 100 spots sold and I suspect we will have even more in 2013 when we move to Dubuque.

The Half Fast crew were in the mix as well getting the word out as well as taking care of the motorcycles that showed up....since it was so cold - there were only a handful that actually made the trip. But next year it may be 80 degrees and we are overwhelmed with cycles.... ya just never know.

Robies Grading made sure that the stunt show aspect of the show was covered - coming out and getting the dirt groomed so no spectators wound up with a smashed face from a flying rock. Rob also helped to get the burnout plate in place. Not only is Rob a great guy - he is also a sponsor of the show. We hope that next year there will be more people to help with the entertainment of the crowds - cause ultimately it is YOU who we need to go out there and mix it up a bit. Also - next year we will add a bit of mud at one end of the dirt so we can get even more action in.

Locally, there was Mike V. and his wife Dawn, who helped out with all the paperwork, permits, municipality fees, and county bureaucracy....I have to say thanks for responding to my many calls of panic. Putting on a show in IL is WAY different then doing one in IA. And then at the show - Mike V. was great and his wife never complained about standing out in the cold... you are both lifesavers!
Rocky Hodges and Robin from Mecum were not only significant in getting the Chrisman Brothers coupe onsite - they also helped with tying up all of the loose ends that were unraveling all day long on Friday and Saturday. Rocky is my boss at Mecum and I look up to him quite a bit. One of these days I will be able to have that cool confidence that he does and not lose my temper....

Doug and Sherry (Justabeater on the HAMB) were in position from early morning to late at night....I am very thankful to have people like you helping out and are willing to go the distance. Obviously I listen to Doug since he is the one that told me about a little town called Maquoketa. Thanks Doug - we appreciate your suggestions and hope that you keep them coming.

Ol Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe were a sponsor of the show as well, and Alan Mayes came to the event to hang out. He is a super nice guy and we appreciate the support he has shown throughout the year to help get the word out about the event.

Harley Davidson was really nice for sending out koozies for the beer and we hope to have a long lasting relationship with them in the future.

The Woodstock Fire Department was super cool to come out and check the show out - and while they were there provide their services free of charge. This is typically a huge expense and we do not take their contribution lightly - it was a huge savings for the foundation.

The Merlin Award - sponsored by Victory Performance Parts - was given to the Edsel you see in the image above - super cool ride and we hope that next year even more people enter.

Of course a first time event does not just get 686 cars....there is a path that has been laid down by a group of individuals that have put in 10 amazing years - The Chrome Czars. Without their efforts over the past decade we simply would not be able to have this event turnout the way it did. Your continued support is humbling and we do not take it for granted. This applies to ALL the car clubs that came out to support this cause. Thank you and know that the gate proceeds this year covered the cost of the show...
this is great for a first time event. We hope that we can make an impact on families with children with congenital heart defects in the future. With your continued help we can make a difference in people's lives - people we know in this hot rod community.

Also - another big thanks to Keven Carter for formulating the initial concept, name, and artwork that were used for Iron Invasion - his mind is in tune to the history of hot rodding and it is easily seen in his work. to see his work.....

And lastly - the family and friends.  Our pals the Barbers came out from Iowa to help sell product - and we needed the help.  Even their kids got in on the act selling coffee and candy!  And the family that puts up with late night phone calls, meetings that take place out of town, and the overall chaos that takes over for the entire month before the show - Thank you.

Thanks to all the vendors, pin up girls, bands, car/cycle owners, and spectators that made Iron Invasion an event that will be a must attend for years to come.

Seeya May 3-5 - Dubuque IA
The Wells Family

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let the Invasion Begin!

If you are not already at the Invasion - hurry up.
Woodstock IL is about to get a LOT more crowded.
Tune in to Facebook for current updates.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don't Be Late.... Traffic in Woodstock....

We have tried to tell people as much as possible....
but this is a last minute reminder.
9:01am will be late for the Iron Invasion.
The traffic in Woodstock on Route 47 typically gets backed up on Saturday mornings around 930 - 10am.
If you do not want to be a part of that crawl of single lane traffic....arrive early.
Stay late - enjoy the day.
Seeya soon.
Rain or Shine.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Volo Auto Museum bringin the Old School Ford to Iron Invasion

 true 1929 “Old School” Ford Hot Rod.  “Old School”, it was built as a high school automotive class project in 1957, where it received an A.  It is unrestored and original as the day it was hot rodded back in ‘57.  Thanks to Volo Auto Museum for bringing some history to the Iron Invasion!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Easy Rider Tribute bike to be shown at Iron Invasion

Volo Auto Museum doesn't just have cars at their place....they also have cycles.
Like this one.
I am a sucker for the Easy Rider bike that Fonda drove....
but here is a new twist:
The bike is a 60’s style Pan Head Harley chopper styled after Peter Fonda’s Easy Rider bike but with a different paint scheme.  It was built for use by Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider.  Nicolas Cage was the devils head hunter, the devil played by Peter Fonda.  So this was a tribute bike built to salute the original Easy Rider bike - pretty cool.
See it in person at the IRON INVASION!
Oct 5 at 6pm
Oct 6 at 8am
dont be late......

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Drag Fest - TODAY - Get to Cordova - starts in the Afternoon!!!

Not sure you heard - the Afterdarks are back on the scene....
they are playing tonight around 730 - 8pm.
Not sure you heard - the Surf Zombies have a new CD out - come and check them out live at the Cordova Dragway today when they play around 4pm.
Not sure you heard - we are going to have a fun time today - you should be there.......

Friday, September 28, 2012

Run Whatcha Brung Drags TOMORROW!!!

starting late and going late - come on out and have a good time.
Gates open around 1pm.
If you want to just display your car - you pay nothing extra - same price as a spectator!
But c'mon - you GOTTA make some passes at the legendary Cordova Dragway!!!
details for the event at:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

241!!!! Pre registration exceeds expectations!!!!

241 Pre registrations for Iron Invasion!!!!
This is amazing - thanks to all those that took the time to send their money in advance.
Be on the lookout cause your wristband, registration card (which will get you in 30 minutes early), info pack, and sticker will be heading your way this week - in fact some of you may already have this.
The 241 pre reg # is BIG - because this is almost EXACTLY what we have for Torque Fest II.
At that event we had a grand total of around 650 cars.
I sincerely think we are going to get at LEAST that many cars at the Iron Invasion.
Take into consideration that hardly any of these pre registrations came from Chicago....
I have been told by MANY that they dont bother with pre reg - they just show up.
This is the way it has always been at other big shows like this in the past.....
so people are just used to showing up and paying the entry $$$.
Another factor that is looming is the fact that we allow in a little bit more stuff than what has been let in to other shows like this in the past.  We ahve a rule that states ANY stock vehicle from 1900-1948 is IN our show.  Other shows in the past had to have 2 visual modifications to get in.  We do this for 1949-1964 cars - but not the ones before 1949.
So tell your friends and neighbors to get to the Iron Invasion EARLY - I think you are gonna want to be there all day long - tons to see and do and we already have a cool car count going - let's keep it going folks!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the '40 Ford from Rebel Without a Cause to be Feature Car at Iron Invasion

The above picture is a scene from the movie Rebel Without a Cause.  Yeah- THAT Rebel Without a Cause - ya know...James Dean?
Chris Ito is the current owner of this historic ride and will be letting us see this ride up close and personal.
History is on display at the Iron Invasion!
Come and see for yourself.
remember - be there early - 9:01am is LATE

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Iron Invasion - Music to Drive to...

yes - we love the metal - and yes - just about everyone I talk to actually has that secret hidden away... it is time to embrace the past - embrace the mullet and accept the past that was the 80's
If you come to the Iron Ivasion and hear some Iron Maiden on the louspeakers - do not be alarmed - this is just another part of the event that is different from the standard show.  Black Sabbath, Dio, Anthrax may all be played that magical day - so dont run to the hills in an attempt to get away - just realize this is a part of the past as well....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Retro Reels Cinema Building at Iron Invasion have been walking around for a few hours and need to take a break.....
come on into the 4H Building and have a seat.
We will be showing some good old drag racing, stock car footage, and B movie clips from the 50's and 60's.
This is just another little bonus feature we have for you at the Iron Invasion.
seeya there!
Oct. 6 - 8am
(advice - show up early - arrive late and there could be traffic delays)
details at

Sunday, September 23, 2012

VOTE! Maidens of Iron Pin Up contest!

Only the top 15 will be in the actual contest on Oct 6 at 10:30 am.
Be sure to vote for your favorite entry at the Iron Invasion Facebook page.
Winner will get $300
2nd - $200
3rd - $100

We appreciate all the entries and hope you will want to come out to the event - rain or shine.
We will also be announcing a wild card pick at the Pre Party on Oct 5 after the Pearls Mahone set.
Wild Card entries must be present at the pre party to get the 16th spot.

Be there early on the 6th to get a parking spot - the show opens to the public at 8am and the pinup contest starts at 10:30 am.
Please give yourself at least an extra 20 minutes for traffic and parking.
Seeya soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

NEXT WEEK! Run Whatcha Brung Drags CORDOVA IL

This captures what the event is all about - tow guys out ther ehaving a good time.  Not looking to break anything on their cars...
Not looking to even break into the 12 second runs....
Just a fun day.  Come out and say you made some passes at the legendary Cordova Dragway.  If you don't feel like making a pass with your ride but you still want to come and hang out - feel free.
Cordova has agreed to let the show cars bring their rides out at no extra charge.  Surf Zombies and The Afterdarks will be palying for us LIVE!  We will be giving away some door prizes as well.
Seeya at the drags!
September 29
Gates will be opening at 1pm (this is due to the midnight madness racing that happens the night before)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Volunteer Shirt Art for Iron Invasion Thanks Shawn Dickinson

Iron Invasion volunteers are either gonna love this ....or scratch thier heads.  We think this art is amazing. The Invasion is coming Oct 5/6

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BE THERE EARLY! Woodstock Illinois and Route 47 Traffic

Under normal circumstances the traffic in Woodstock IL on Route 47 is slow....
On October 6 there is a strong possibility for a crawl.
This is why we are urging you to SHOW UP EARLY!
9:01 am is late.
Traffic on Saturday morning in Woodstock typically gets congested around 930 or 10 am.
Add a few thousand cars to that and you can see what happens.
We urge you to be there early and this will help alleviate any kind of backup.
Some may remember that last year of the Pile Up in Morris IL.
I showed up there at 630am.
I left at 7PM
I never knew there was ANY backup or highway trouble until after the show and I read about it on the internet.
Cause I was there early and I stayed late.
No drama....
and I had a blast that day.......
We hope everyone will come over early and stay late.
If you can't - please note some alternate routes.

Coming from the South on Route 47:
Turn Right on McConnell right after the railroad underpass
You will see a Yamaha dealership and a car wash at this junction.
After turning onto Mc Connell - go down to Zimmerman and turn left.
Zimmerman will then dump you DIRECTLY into the entrance to the fairgrounds.
By taking this McConnell/Zimmerman back road you will avoid 2 more lights on Rt. 47.

If you are heading from the North...
and there is a backup on Rt 47
Turn LEFT on McHenry Ave (Route 120)
Drive for 1.7 miles
Then take a Right onto Queen Anne Road
Drive 1.3 Miles to Country Club
Turn Right onto Country Club
in .8 miles the entrance will be on your right hand side.

Anyone that can take the Country Club/Bull Valley Rd  from Crytal Lake/Lake Zurich, McHenry....we highly recommend that.

There is only one entrance to the McHenry County Fairgrounds.
Please plan accordingly.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012's not everyday that an editor from a major zine comes to your gig....

Alan Mayes will be at the Iron Invasion!  Be sure to stop by the Ol Skool Rodz / Car Kulture Deluxe booth from time to time during the day and check out some of the items!
And renew your subscription, of course.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Car-N-Art - limited poster at Iron Invasion

Gee golly wizz....
I am gonna buy one of these at the show.
Bigger than the typical show poster - and printed on archival paper.....
Be sure to stop by Keven Carter's booth - Car-N-Art at the Iron Invasion.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

only 20 days - THEN INVASION

Woodstock IL
pre party starts at 6pm on Oct 5

Show starts EARLY on Oct 6 (730am to all those that pre registered) 8am to everyone else.

if you arrive after 9am - you are late.
If you are stuck in traffic at 1045am - dont blame us - you should have set your alarm to go off earlier.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vintage Torque Fest DVD - FINALLY

OK - so - we are FINALLY going to be getting this out on the streets!
These should be here early next week.
We should be able to start sending them to the pre registered people on Sept. 20
We will keep everyone updated!
Thanks for you patience.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Iron Invasion - Lots of Rules.....but they are here for a purpose.

Entry CriteriaIron Invasion has worked to remove the subjectivity from the show criteria. This
means that we tried to clearly quantify the entry rules and write them specific enough
for anyone to determine if their vehicle would be allowed in.

If your vehicle does not meet entry requirements, there will be a separate area where the muscle
cars, street rods, stock originals 1949 and newer, and other non-qualifying vehicles will park. This
parking area is directly connected to the show and these vehicles will be seen by
everyone.  .

If you are unsure if your vehicle will meet the requirements of the show, email clear pictures of the
front & drivers side, rear & passenger side, and interior showing the dash and steering wheel to Please note that if you wait until the week of the show to email us - that is
TOO late. Email notification will need to be complete by Sept 30.
We are not being elitist
or think that your vehicle isn't cool - we just want to focus on rides that
would be driving around in the 40's, 50's and 60's. If you have never picked up a copy of Rod &
Custom or Hop Up circa 1956 - do yourself a favor and go get some!

These are the guidelines we will be adhering to.

The Criteria

To get into the show, your vehicle must be a 1964 or earlier "Hot Rod" or "Custom" built in a
"Traditional Style".

All stock appearing/restored vehicles pre 1949
are welcome
at Vintage Torque Fest!

Any vehicles from 1949-1964 that appear stock will park in the Friends

A couple of modifications to an otherwise stock vehicle will most likely get ya in the

door. Here are the rules:

are NOT doing Safety Inspections at Iron Invasion. The entry to the show does not mean
that we have deemed your vehicle safe to drive on the roads or dirt . Driver assumes all
normal, reasonable, and prudent responsibilities for maintaining the safety of their vehicle. Drive
shafts visible from inside the vehicle, suspensions improperly mounted, fuel that is not inside a
proper gas tank or some other fuel cell will be asked to park outside McHenry County
Fairgrounds - we do not need the police involved in citations for driving unsafe vehicles.

2. No art cars - what is an art car? As one buddy suggested - you know you have an art car when
it looks like you had a giant magnet attached to your vehicle as you drove through the local
junkyard and permanently welded anything that stuck to the car.
OTHER definitions of art car - Vehicles that look like a skeleton, pumpkin, or any other non auto
related items are art cars. These are not traditional hot rods.
Further definition of art car - Rats that are attached to vehicles are considered art cars. Anything
that is attached to the vehicle that is intended to shock or have comedic value will wind up being
considered an art car.
Vehicles in rust, primer, or survivor paint are WELCOME as long as they do not fall into the "art car"
category as described above.

3. No billet anything (if you have some part on your engine that is billet - DONT open your hood!)
If you have a billet steering wheel or column - put a shirt or coat over it!

4. All fenderless 1949-1965 vehicles will be in Friends

5. No neon, 80’s style monochromatic paint or mural graphics.

6. No independent front suspension on fenderless vehicles.

7. No Tune Port Injection or Electronic Fuel Injection (with open hoods).

8. No trailered street legal vehicles. We welcome period correct race, sprint, modified, midget, drag
cars. Obviously these will be trailered in to the show, but the trailers will be parked off site after the
car is unloaded. We simply will NOT have room to park trailers in the spectator parking.
If you plan on unloading your vehicle on Saturday - plan on being there before 7am. Friday will not
be as crowded, so Friday drop off will not be as much of an issue.

9. No stock or stock appearing vehicles 1949 and newer. All Iron Invasion show vehicles need to
have at least two major visual modifications. This includes - but not limited to: lowered, have a
wheel change, have a custom paint job, have body modifications, or something that makes them a
hot rod or a custom. Missing hubcaps and hanging dice are not considered modifications. Again - if
you are unsure - send a picture via email.

may get you in the Friends
This is not a 70's show. Also if you have 50 series or lower profile tires this will be a vehicle that will
be in Friends parking.

11. Wheels should be period correct to the hot rod or custom vehicle they are on and be on the
“Acceptable Wheel” list. Aftermarket wheels that are on the acceptable list should be no larger than
15” in diameter.

Wheels larger than 15" need to be original stock or reproductions of stock wheels. For example, 16"
Ford Wires, 16" Ford steelies, tall thin Model A wheels (17" 19", etc.). It is also acceptable if you are
running enlarged reproduction versions of a stock wheel such as 17" steelies, 18" ford wires, etc.

Again, aftermarket wheels such as the original style Torque Thrusts, Torque Thrust II's, or Torque
Thrust D's should be no larger than 15".

Examples of wheels that are acceptable
HEREExamples of wheels that are for VIP Parking HEREVehicles with wheels that were introduced after 1965 will be in the VIP parking area. We WILL allow
GM Rally wheels that do not have center caps or beauty rings! Again - if you have questions -
email us.

12. Modern upgrades that you can SEE, like aero-dynamic/modern mirrors are for Friends

parking. Digital dash boards will need to be covered to be allowed entry to Iron Invasion.

13. LED taillights that have the traditional/stock appearance are acceptable. LED lights that are thin
single, multi row, or billet frames will be parked in Freinds

14. Vehicles that have more than 4 wheels will be parked in Friends
area. If you have a
stock vehicle that is Pre-'49 then these will be accepted.


1)Just because you got into Vintage Torque Fest or other traditional hot rod shows in previous
years -does NOT mean you will get in Iron Invasion - the criteria will be enforced this year.

2)We hope that custom car owners realize the coolness factor of your car goes down by 90% with
your hood and trunk open....and it is very rare that cars with open hoods ever get national photo
coverage. (We will have national photographers on site doing articles for Hot Rod Deluxe, Ol Skool
Rodz, Car Kulture Deluxe, Traditional Rod and Kulture, Rolls and Pleats, and more)

3)Stuffed animals, cry baby dolls, rubber rats, fake food drive in trays, skeletons in passenger
seats are not for Iron Invasion.

4)No display setup/tables set up around your car. Your car quality will speak for itself...if you need
to tell people who did the work on your car - feel free to stand there all day - but honestly, there is
way too much going on to just sit there - go out and enjoy the show! Torque Fest does not
encourage display boards....but if you have a display board for your car - please respect your
neighbors and be sure that if they fall - the display boards will not hit the car next to you! Display
boards for invited indoor cars are welcome.

5)Disc brakes, electronic ignition, and radial tires are OK.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

National Motorcycle Museum to display some rare rides at Iron Invasion

I hear the guys from the National Motorcycle Museum are gonna be bringing some really amazing rides to Iron Invasion!
Can't wait to check them out!
If you have not been to the museum since the remodel - you gotta go check that place out!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest - CORDOVA 9-29-12

Surf Zombies and Afterdarks are playing live....
come on out - it is a good time and perhaps you can make a pass in your car and then you can say - "yeah - my car made a pass at Cordova!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 - take a minute.....

9-11 is a day to reflect - to remember....
I went to the photo albums looking for pix we have from NYC before the attack.
I could not find them.......
but I did find a picture of me at the age of 6 riding my first motorcycle - a cool little Yamaha 80cc.
My dad was pretty cool for buying that for me.
I still remember riding all over southeast missouri with him.
Take a minute and reflect.........
appreciate those that you have and don't be afraid to tell them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

L'Assassins invade the INVASION - Friday Night Oct 5

They are gonna rip the place up!
Coming from Minneapolis - it is  L'Assassins!!!!!  See then live and in person - Oct 5 at McHenry County Fairgrounds - they are scheduled to go on around 9pm
here is a clip for those that like good music

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hellbent Art show - Timebomb Kustoms - and others coming to Iron Invasion

I have known J-Sin for about 8 years now...he is a decent guy as long as you don't say he is from KY.
He is putting togeher a cool art show in ....
yes you guessed it - Louisville KY.  But he is not from there!!! He just visits.
J-Sin will be heading up to Iron Invasion so check out his stuff when he is at the show.
You may also see other artists there like Max Grundy, Ed Tillrock, Mitch Oconnell, Nate Grice, Mark Thompson, MotoTooner, Todd Jones, Car-N-Art, and others....
Bring some cash cause you gotta support the arts!  Ours just happen to be on the low brow side...!/hellbentartshow

Saturday, September 8, 2012

King Kustoms - bringin' it to the Invasion - AND Brauer House today!

Yes - they have agreed to bring some amazing rides to Iron Invasion - if you can't wait that long - go check them tonight at the Brauer House!  The Bare Bones 10th Anniversary party is TODAY.
It starts off with a cruise, goes by Marty and Sons, and winds up at the Brauer House where the Rust Belt Demons are going to be playing!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Maidens of Iron - Classic Fashion Pin Up Contest

We hope you will vote on the ladies that have entered the Maidens of Iron pin up contest.
We will have announce the top fifteen at the pre party on October 5.
We will have a wild card pick from the girls that are attending the party on Friday night.
So there will be a total of 16 entries into the contest on Saturday.
The Iron  Invasion starts early - as does the pin up contest!
So do NOT be late!
$300 for first prize.
$200 for second.
$100 for third.
Currently we have over 30 entries - but it is NOT too late to enter....
simply get your friends and family to get on the bandwagon and get you in the contest!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Only 30 Days - then - IRON INVASION

There are car shows every week of the year....

They can be seen at the local McD's or Auto Parts parking lot.... The show coming to McHenry County fairgrounds will be the location for a
vintage car and motorcycle show called the Iron Invasion.  This show is open to any car that is
1964 and older.  The motorcycle section of the show is open to bikes that are 1975 and older.
If a gearhead turns up to the show in his wicked 1969 is OK.  We have special parking
for them too.  But they will not be parked next to the historic Chrisman Brothers Coupe or a feature
car that was in James Dean's REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.

 This show strives to bring the truly historic cars
out of the garages and bring them in one central location.
McHenry County Fairgrounds is the location that has been picked for 2012.
This event is open to the public and is a fund raiser for Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation.
This is a non-profit 501 c 3 corporation designed to help familes that have children with congenital
heart issues.  Information can be found at
More info about vendors, car entry requirements, bands, etc can be found at

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nothing will replace the Hunnert Car Pile Up.....

so...there are some other shows out there trying to say THEY are the next Hunnert Car Pile Up.
They are wrong.
The Pile Up went out in a blaze of glory much like The Clash.
Ended on their own terms and they have dictated to many the way a traditional hot rod and custom car show should be run.

Now that there is no more Pile Up, many will try to say that they are the place to be, to capture that same magic.

For those that are in the know....
The Chrome Czars are the car club that put on the Pile Up for all those years.
And the Red Shirt Army!
Shows like the Pile Up don't just happen....they are groomed with love and respect for the hobby & lifestyle.
Will there be other shows out there?
but nothing will replace the magic of what they have done for us over the past decade.
Our hope is that people will make the annual October trek and come to the Iron Invasion.
The Chrome Czars will be there. will have to ask them....but I don't think you will see Czar members out at just any car show - and I seriously doubt you will see them at shows that are claiming to be the next Pile Up.....
We respect the car clubs so much - and rely on them to keep the traditions going.

So if you want to attend a show that will involve The Tin Militia, Metal Melters, Slackers, Kreepers, Tin Butchers, Cheaters, Vagabonds, Oliver Built Group, Road Kings, Blackwalls, No Club, Hot Heads, Rod Tossers, Half Fast, Romin Chariots, Voodoo Kings, Coronados, Five Aces Motor Club, Bare Bones, Bombers, Blacktop Barons, Relix, Piston Jammers, and many more....then we humbly suggest you come to The Iron Invasion.

The Iron Invasion is a traditional hot rod, custom, and cycle show.

We invite you to learn about our event.

And if you care to support some cool art - you can purchase a copy of the above image and relive the good ole days........
details at:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

KUSTOMS - with a K! See 'em at the Iron Invasion!

There are going to be some killer kustoms at the Iron Invasion October 6, 2012.
This is one of them....
Not too many cars out there have Barris history AND Roth history - this car has BOTH!
See it at the Iron Invasion inside one of the feature car buildings.
Special thanks to Bobwop for bringing this ride down!
This '51 Victoria started out as a hardtop - but in 1953 Barris got a hold of this ride and sectioned it five inches!
It still has the Barris badge! Check it at the Iron Invasion!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

VIDEO- Iron Invasion Woodstock, IL October 6, 2012

Just what is the DIY Stunt Show - well - that is for you to decide....
we have a vacant demo derby area all to how about we mud up a bit of it - get a run at it...slam on the E brake and do a healthy power slide...
or just some good ole fashioned donuts....
oh - and there WILL be a burnout plate for those that wish to partake in some rubber melting.

And if you dig the music above in the video - that is Wayne the Train Hancock  - he will be playing live at the show - all the way from TX!
Do us a favor -
go post this video on your page!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bare Bones Cruise 2012 & 10th Anniversary Party September 8

Next week...too much going on - Route 66 in Berwyn and the Bare Bones CC have their 10th Anniversary Party at the Brauer House
Rust Belt Demons will be playing live there....
There will be a cruise during the day as well - details here:!/events/334066013352832/

Watch the above video to see the kind of get together the Bare Bones CC do every Feb.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Rides With Chuck Cable TV Segment - Last Hunnert Car Pile Up 2011 The First Iron Invasion

Hey - check it - here is some footage from last year - Listen to the mighty Django talk about the final Hunnert Car Pile Up

Thursday, August 30, 2012

TROPHY QUEEN from LA coming to Iron Invasion!

She only books the important Lonestar Roundup, Ink & Iron, Bottrop Germany....
we are still not sure why she has booked the Iron Invasion....
but she has - and so you better come out and purchase some of her killer product!!!!/Trophyqueenoriginals

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jr's Cycle Products at Iron Invasion!

Warren is gonna bring some of his product....
and some of his rides.
This is way cool - he does the rides the right way.
Check ém out.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Greaserama THIS WEEKEND - AND Davenport Motorcycle Swap / Vintage Races

Well - another busy weekend coming up quick....
Chief Blackhawk
Antique Bike Swap starts on Thursday
The vintage racing is on Friday.
And then one of the best shows in the country goes down....
Saturday - GREASERAMA!!!
check out

Monday, August 27, 2012

40 Days til Iron Invasion - Register NOW - Hotels sold out - Dont Wait too long or....

Oct. 5 is the start of it all.....
then the real action starts on the 6th.
Dont be late....
9am on Oct 6 is late.
If you are late - and stuck in traffic to get in to the show - dont whine - you have been warned.
In fact - park your car on FRIDAY and come back with some fellow hot rodders on Sat.
Car pooling may not be the coolest thing in the world....
but in a case like this - it makes sense.
So if a crew of three guys rolls in  - 2 of ya park on Friday at 6pm and then watch some bands.....
Come back at 830 am on Saturday and only ONE car is coming instead of 3.
Everyone has been asking about the pre registration.
Currently we are on track for first year Torque Fest numbers.
For those that don't remember we had 400 qualifying cars and 100 non qualifying cars.
This said - MANY people in the area have told me they dont plan to pre reg and that we should be prepared for a much larger car count.  We will see how it goes....
If we can match first year Torque Fest numbers I would consider the show a success.
Anything over that would be bonus.
Did you get a hotel?
well - if you did not get one in Woodstock - dont bother - they are all sold out.
We are now hitting up McHenry and Crystal Lake.
40 days to go....
and it will go by quick.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Retro A Go Go to be a Vendor at Iron Invasion!!!!

They are heading all the way from Detroit ! - Retro A Go Go!!!!
Save those dimes boys and girls - Retro A Go Go will have something shiny for you to take home.
The above image is a canvas that is exclusive to Retro A Go Go!!
Artist is our pal Mitch O Connell - who will be at the Iron Invasion as well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

MetalCraft - The Art of Brown Dog Welding - ATTENDING IRON INVASION

I literally did not believe that a guy could do such detail with "normal" tools and pieces just laying around the shop.  I saw an entire table full of this stuff and the attention to detail was just too good - I figured another product coming from China.......
but then I picked up a piece - and it was real.  It felt like something - not something manufactured - it felt
Josh was not at his table at the time - but he had a friend there and he told me about how talented this guy was and how he was obsessed with doing this "the right way"
I was sold....
I got it....
go check out his site -

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Choppers, Bobbers, Customs - Painted Horses from Harvard IL

Painted Horses is a company specializing is car/bike custom paint and sheet metal work.
They will be a vendor at the Iron Invasion - go check them out - the above is an example of their work.

These are the kinds of bikes we really wanna see a the show....
not "movie bikes" - but vintage period correct stuff - as well as bone stock bikes that are vintage.
Bring them out and be a part of the show - there is no extra charge to show bikes or hot rods.
Questions about the entry requirements:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ray Bozarth to show the BERG masterpiece!

Hard to believe this Buick started life as a four door....
But it is this kind of vision and ability to make things happen that make Merlin Berg so special.
Merlin will be at the Iron Invasion and will oversee the Merlin Award - this is a special trophy AND $500 given to the best traditional fresh build of 2012.  This award AND getting the Bozarth Buick Built By Berg is sponsored by Victory Performance Parts.
Thanks to Dennis, Ray, and Merlin for making this another special part of the Iron Invasion!

If YOU want a chance at getting the $500 - send your info over to
Details on the Merlin Award can be found in the Awards section of Iron Invasion site

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

COVERAGE - Ol Skool Rodz, Traditional Rod & Kulture, Old Cars Weekly

wow - a lot of coverage this past 10 days....
got to be on the cover of Old Cars Weekly, the Vintage Torque 6 and Vintage Torque Fest DVD got some coverage in Ol Skool Rodz....
Way cool Car-N-Art ad in the Traditional Rod & Kulture...
Torque Fest coverage in Ol Skool Rodz....
and full feature car spread on the Mystery Merc in Traditional Rod & Kulture - This car will be one of THE feature cars at the Iron Invasion.
Thanks to all that helped contribute to this mass publicity blitz!