Monday, October 1, 2012

Easy Rider Tribute bike to be shown at Iron Invasion

Volo Auto Museum doesn't just have cars at their place....they also have cycles.
Like this one.
I am a sucker for the Easy Rider bike that Fonda drove....
but here is a new twist:
The bike is a 60’s style Pan Head Harley chopper styled after Peter Fonda’s Easy Rider bike but with a different paint scheme.  It was built for use by Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider.  Nicolas Cage was the devils head hunter, the devil played by Peter Fonda.  So this was a tribute bike built to salute the original Easy Rider bike - pretty cool.
See it in person at the IRON INVASION!
Oct 5 at 6pm
Oct 6 at 8am
dont be late......

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