Monday, October 31, 2011

Go Buy the new issue of Ol Skool Rodz - Vintage Torque Fest coverage!!!

wow - it is on the shelves NOW - go pick it up!!!

We are super stoked by the coverage we got in the newest issue of Ol Skool Rodz!

Check it!

sorry for the lack of Halloween post - but I am too busy getting out there and getting some candy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oliver Built Group PINK HELMET AUCTION - to help pay medical bills

Well - I finally unearthed the last of the helmets that were supposed to be auctioned off at the FIRST Vintage Torque Fest.

yeah - yeah - I know...organization is not my strong suit....

This was a very popular one and the work that went into it was crazy.

Lace work - striping - super nice. ALAN McWILLIAMS did the lace and base paint.

DEN OLIVER did the pinstriping and Oliver Group did the super cool bag that comes with this amazing piece.

Thanks to all involved and hope that you will want to bid to help out with some medical bills.

For those that dont know what is going on:

This auction $$$ will go directly to the Hannah Wells Medical Trust.

Info on payment will be provided once the auction is complete.

For those that dont know about the art show we have every year in conjunction with Torque Fest - you should check it out.

This year we will be getting artists from around the world to do their version of Rat Fink!

At the shows these helmets were bringing about $125-$200

Hope you will go on the HAMB or on Facebook to bid - THANKS

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Hunnert Car Pile Up The First Iron Invasion & Donna's Caddy Amb...

wow - I had no idea we would get so much coverage from this local Chicago cable show!!!
And of course - the Chrome Czars - we are eternally grateful for your support.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lucky Tubb to play Vintage Torque Fest May 5, 2012

OK - two of my favorite artists collaborated on the above song.
Wayne the Train Hancock and Lucky Tubb

Wayne will be playing the Iron Invasion Oct. 6, 2012
Lucky Tubb will be playing Vintage Torque Fest May 5, 2012.

If you can't dig this music....
There is a LOT to do and see at these events so if you prefer to look at the cars or art or swap meet - then go to it.
I will be front and center for both of these guys!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

don't mess with THE SLACKERS

so after getting past the initial rough exterior of these Southside Chicago boys......they are really decent guys. AND talented.
Glad to know they are down with the cause - for BOTH - The Vintage Torque Fest and the Iron Invasion.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Need Your Opinion - Was I a JERK?

OK - so here is an email I just got from someone - let me know if I was outta line with the response.

From: Disgruntled Biker Guy
I will agree that Torque Fest was a huge hit! And we all will be there again next year. But I got to say I have only one disapointment......the vintage bike show? Pre 1970? wow there were so many custom billet bikes there (In addition to the vintage bikes) and the one that won....? Nice sled but by no means a vintage bike, I mean really. I know your hands were tied on this but maybe someone should be judging that does not know the winner and does know what a true vintage bike is. It seems that every bike show you see anymore , the winner is a friend or a person that knows the judges or works for them? It is at a point that ..why bring my bike? There were Pans, Shovels

My Response:

not sure what show you are referring to........Vintage Torque Fest does NOT give out trophies. - This is CLEARLY stated on the website. Click on AWARDS link. Yes we have CLUBS that present their picks - but this is NOT sanctioned by Vintage Torque Fest.....why?cause people get all pissed off and start moaning about what won this and what won that - its all bull. Who cares what won?It is only a matter of one guys opinion................I have seen this directly with the ISCA - and this has thousands of dollars for winners on the line - it simply gets down to one guys opinion of what is "correct" - even though there are supposed "rules" in place to prevent this type of thing from happening.....awards - trophies - they are all lame.

If you are there for some kind of "award"You are there for the wrong reason.

As for the motorcycle section being "screwed up" last year - yes - fer sure.The guys on the gate that were supposed to be letting ONLY the vintage bikes or retro style bikes in....they left their post about 230 pm on Sat. As a result - newer bikes came into the show - they were NOT welcome and I tried to get them out.These people that came in on the "new" v twin crap did NOT understand the show and can stay home next year if they want to disrespect the rules again.
We had a special parking area for those bikes but they simply chose to ignore the rules.
Not cool.
If you were one of those bikes - then you know how we feel.
If you had something cool and vintage - we apologize to you for letting that "new" stuff in.
If you still dont understand what we are all about.........well...not sure what to tell ya
in case you did not read the entry requirements:

Bring out your Norton, Triumph, vintage Harley or Indian, or BSA. Yes, custom Jap bikes are welcome. As long as the bikes will be something that looks like it would be in Choppers magazine circa 1969, Cycle Source or DicE magazine.
Occ Bikes, touring bikes, and fat boys are welcome - but will have special parking outside.
Bikes must be old-school/traditional looking choppers, bobbers, or pre ‘75cafe racers. All pre-1965 STOCK motorcycles are welcome. Jap bikes are OK - no crotch rocketsthough - take a look at the current trends in Japan - the Yamaha SR400 is being transformed intosomething completely new.
1. No art bikes
2. No stock bikes
3. No twin cam Harleys
4. No new Indians, Buell, Big Dog, or West Coast Chopper/OCC style bikes
5. No aluminum wheels
6. No wide rear tires
7. EVO bikes are OK - just need to be TRADITIONAL STYLE!
In order to get everyone in and parked quickly, there will be no reserved
parking. If your club wants to park together, you must arrive together.
We reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle that we feel does not fit the spirit of the show

From your email - I could not understand if you were bringin a "new" bike or something old.

This was only our second year at our event and the first for trying to incorporate the motorcycles into the show.

We have had a LOT of resistance from the car guys about letting in the motorcycle guys.I have no idea why.

Perhaps there really is a different mindset between the two.For me and my friends - we all get along and we all appreciate the cool bikes and cars.....
I guess some people dont "get it"
We hope that you will want to join us again and have a good time.

Bottom line - this event is NOT about trophies - it is about having a good time and raising money for kids that have life threatening heart issues.If you cant get down with that........well....we will all be having a good time out at Maquoketa May 4/5.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blast from the Past - Go Cardinals!

ha - well - I am an old TV geek - what can I say.....
also raised in southeast missouri before heading off to california - so I have been raised with the Cardinals as my only "team"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

VOLUNTEER - Please.............

We need your help.
We hope that you will give us some of your time at Vintage Torque Fest.
We will give you free entry....and AFTER you complete your shift - we will give you an exclusive Vintage Torque Fest Volunteer shirt.
The new forms are ready to go and the Tin Militia are going to help organize this so we all are on the same page.
Please know that this event can not run smoothly if we dont have people willing to help out.
Thanks and seeya at the show!

Volunteer link is right below the Awards link and right above the No Dogs link.
if you are unable to find it - email me

Monday, October 17, 2011

THIS SATURDAY - Party - Hot Rods & Rumble Seat Riot - Waterloo IA

B Js Bar

110 Ida

Waterloo, IA

Presented to you by Flattops & Fenders, Butler & Sons Barbershop and BJs Bar & Billiards.

This will be a ROCKIN end to an awesome summer of hot rods, customs, bobbers and geahead comradery. Please come join us and ROCK OUT with Rumble Seat Riot! Brian, (drums) Larry, (upright bass) & Gene (guitar & vocals) will rock your socks off with their classic rockabilly sound so bring your ride and your swingin shoes and break loose.

and Chuck the Barber will be there if you lovely ladies wanna dance........

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DVDs FINALLY ARRIVE!!!! Torque Fest 2011 is here


Those that Pre Registered last year for Vintage Torque Fest - Thank You!

If you have not received your DVD you will be getting it shortly.

If you did not pre register and wanna see some of the action on the track, the inside invite cars, a bit of the art auction, swap meet, Weesner, Emerald Tide feature, vintage stock cars, motorcycle exhibition, good music, good people, and yes....a bit of bus racing......then you gotta get the DVD.

$15 + $3 shipping.

buy it.

we need some Halloween costumes for the kids.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hunnert Car Pile Up 2011 VIDEO to watch NOW

Here ya go - a few minutes form the FINAL Hunnert Car Pile Up.
DVD will be available in December.
It will be a perfect stocking stuffer.
THANK YOU Chrome Czars..........your support over the past few years has been most appreciated.
Seeya at the Heads Up

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cedar Rapids Swap Meet THIS WEEKEND

yeah - it is getting harder and harder to find actual car parts at swap meets.....but Cedar Rapids still has some.........
Cedar Rapids Swap Meet is this weekend at Hawkeye Downs - come and see us inside.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hot Rod Hucksters will play @ IRON INVASION!!!

YES - the Hot Rod Hucksters have agreed to play the Iron Invasion! Main stage around 11:00 am - they will kick off the event in grand style and we will hope they play tunes like this one!
If you dont know about the Iron better get hep to the jive.
Woodstock IL
Oct 6, 2012

Sunday, October 9, 2011

2nd Amendment........

ya ever been to the machine gun shoot?
even if you have no interest in guns.....this is something that should be witnessed once in your life.
Oct 14-16

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I dont care what excuse you have - GET TO THE PILE UP!!!

where are you?????!!!!! you GOTTA be in Decatur Illinois today! Why? It is the single biggest traditional hot rod show in the country this weekend - in fact......

I cant imagine any other shows bigger aside from Lonestar Round Up and stuff out in California. Did I mention this is the last Pile Up?

get there..........NOW

Friday, October 7, 2011

FINALLY!!! Vintage Torque Fest DVD's have arrived!

At long last - the DVDs have arrived! I have had to get one box overnighted from Oakland CA. So I will have some of these available at the Hunnert Car Pile Up. For all those that Pre Registered for Torque Fest last year - THANK YOU! We will be mailing these out to you next be on the look out. Hope you enjoy the 90 minutes of dirt track action, cars, bikes, people, and music that make up Vintage Torque Fest. And if you show it to your friends and neighbors....tell 'em you gotta BE there to really "get it".
Seeya at the Pile Up!
I am already in Morris!!!!
Clinton IL Pre party is tonight!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2012 shows - Independent Syndicate - Mark 'em on the calender

many many people out there are trying to tell everyone that there are no more good shows out there because the Pile Up is ending after ten years. Yes the Pile Up was the biggest no doubt....

It is simply not true - look at what they have spawned!!!

There are now a lot of other shows that you can attend and have a good time and hang with your friends and still see the cool rides.

A central location to find these kind of shows..............

The Independent Syndicate

There are a few of us that organize these kind of shows around the midwest and we have all come together to try to tell you people that there are other shows out there!

go check it out.....

and if you are at the Pile Up and you are looking for the 2012 schedule - simply ask us....

at the Vintage Torque booth, the Bombers, The Tin Butchers, Breeder, Cliffy.....we are gonna be there making sure you people know about the shows in 2012!!!!

facebook page:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Torque Fest Art Auction CONTINUES HERE - Dick Cherry Art

The art auction was a highlight for many people at the Vintage Torque Fest. Unfortunately we did not have time to sell all the pieces that were there. We are in the process of rounding up the remaining art that was not sold and auction on Facebook and The H.A.M.B. aka Jalopy Journal.

simply email us or post on the Facebook or HAMB telling the world what you are willing to bid for this killer piece.

Dick Cherry is the artist and he spent a LOT of time on this.

check his site at:

We hope that the bidding will go well - cause I KNOW this piece would have brought some good money at the art auction at Vintage Torque Fest.

Most crosses that were there brought at least $100-$125.

The really detailed ones were bringing well over $200.

Payment info for Hannah Wells Medical Trust will be provided after the auction is complete.

For info about our


cross itself is 15 inches by 15 inches....the aluminum diamond plating makes this about 16.5 x 16.5 inches.Amazing detail - this is ORIGINAL art...not some sticker or vinyl graphic.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Don't know where you will be October 8.....but Decatur Illinois will be the place you SHOULD be.

If you see those guys that wear the Chrome Czar jackets...........

go up and thank them.

Thank them for putting in thousands of hours over the past ten years to make something special.

Something that is talked about all over the country - and yes - even in lands beyond our shores.

They have dedicated a part of their lives for the hobby that we all love and live.

Thank them......

I know I will.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

IRON INVASION - get your promo material at the Pile Up

Yes - we know - it is over a year away.....but we really hope you will spread the word.....

do us a favor and go LIKE the facebook page

What else are you gonna be doing next October.....???

Come on out to Woodstock and have a good time.

We will be distributing promo material at the Pile Up in Decatur - so we hope you will grab some and take it back home with ya and look forward to it next year.

some have asked us - what is setting this show apart from any others?


not every show has a Do It Yourself Stunt Show.........

that is right - YOU can go out in the stunt area and rip it up with some power slides or donuts and get the crowd into it.

Another thing that not every show has is the Retro Reels Cinema - a great chance to go and check out some vintage footage from the past.

And we will bring you some good music that is not seen at just every show.......

October 6, 2012

Rain or Shine