Friday, August 31, 2012

Rides With Chuck Cable TV Segment - Last Hunnert Car Pile Up 2011 The First Iron Invasion

Hey - check it - here is some footage from last year - Listen to the mighty Django talk about the final Hunnert Car Pile Up

Thursday, August 30, 2012

TROPHY QUEEN from LA coming to Iron Invasion!

She only books the important Lonestar Roundup, Ink & Iron, Bottrop Germany....
we are still not sure why she has booked the Iron Invasion....
but she has - and so you better come out and purchase some of her killer product!!!!/Trophyqueenoriginals

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jr's Cycle Products at Iron Invasion!

Warren is gonna bring some of his product....
and some of his rides.
This is way cool - he does the rides the right way.
Check ém out.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Greaserama THIS WEEKEND - AND Davenport Motorcycle Swap / Vintage Races

Well - another busy weekend coming up quick....
Chief Blackhawk
Antique Bike Swap starts on Thursday
The vintage racing is on Friday.
And then one of the best shows in the country goes down....
Saturday - GREASERAMA!!!
check out

Monday, August 27, 2012

40 Days til Iron Invasion - Register NOW - Hotels sold out - Dont Wait too long or....

Oct. 5 is the start of it all.....
then the real action starts on the 6th.
Dont be late....
9am on Oct 6 is late.
If you are late - and stuck in traffic to get in to the show - dont whine - you have been warned.
In fact - park your car on FRIDAY and come back with some fellow hot rodders on Sat.
Car pooling may not be the coolest thing in the world....
but in a case like this - it makes sense.
So if a crew of three guys rolls in  - 2 of ya park on Friday at 6pm and then watch some bands.....
Come back at 830 am on Saturday and only ONE car is coming instead of 3.
Everyone has been asking about the pre registration.
Currently we are on track for first year Torque Fest numbers.
For those that don't remember we had 400 qualifying cars and 100 non qualifying cars.
This said - MANY people in the area have told me they dont plan to pre reg and that we should be prepared for a much larger car count.  We will see how it goes....
If we can match first year Torque Fest numbers I would consider the show a success.
Anything over that would be bonus.
Did you get a hotel?
well - if you did not get one in Woodstock - dont bother - they are all sold out.
We are now hitting up McHenry and Crystal Lake.
40 days to go....
and it will go by quick.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Retro A Go Go to be a Vendor at Iron Invasion!!!!

They are heading all the way from Detroit ! - Retro A Go Go!!!!
Save those dimes boys and girls - Retro A Go Go will have something shiny for you to take home.
The above image is a canvas that is exclusive to Retro A Go Go!!
Artist is our pal Mitch O Connell - who will be at the Iron Invasion as well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

MetalCraft - The Art of Brown Dog Welding - ATTENDING IRON INVASION

I literally did not believe that a guy could do such detail with "normal" tools and pieces just laying around the shop.  I saw an entire table full of this stuff and the attention to detail was just too good - I figured another product coming from China.......
but then I picked up a piece - and it was real.  It felt like something - not something manufactured - it felt
Josh was not at his table at the time - but he had a friend there and he told me about how talented this guy was and how he was obsessed with doing this "the right way"
I was sold....
I got it....
go check out his site -

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Choppers, Bobbers, Customs - Painted Horses from Harvard IL

Painted Horses is a company specializing is car/bike custom paint and sheet metal work.
They will be a vendor at the Iron Invasion - go check them out - the above is an example of their work.

These are the kinds of bikes we really wanna see a the show....
not "movie bikes" - but vintage period correct stuff - as well as bone stock bikes that are vintage.
Bring them out and be a part of the show - there is no extra charge to show bikes or hot rods.
Questions about the entry requirements:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ray Bozarth to show the BERG masterpiece!

Hard to believe this Buick started life as a four door....
But it is this kind of vision and ability to make things happen that make Merlin Berg so special.
Merlin will be at the Iron Invasion and will oversee the Merlin Award - this is a special trophy AND $500 given to the best traditional fresh build of 2012.  This award AND getting the Bozarth Buick Built By Berg is sponsored by Victory Performance Parts.
Thanks to Dennis, Ray, and Merlin for making this another special part of the Iron Invasion!

If YOU want a chance at getting the $500 - send your info over to
Details on the Merlin Award can be found in the Awards section of Iron Invasion site

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

COVERAGE - Ol Skool Rodz, Traditional Rod & Kulture, Old Cars Weekly

wow - a lot of coverage this past 10 days....
got to be on the cover of Old Cars Weekly, the Vintage Torque 6 and Vintage Torque Fest DVD got some coverage in Ol Skool Rodz....
Way cool Car-N-Art ad in the Traditional Rod & Kulture...
Torque Fest coverage in Ol Skool Rodz....
and full feature car spread on the Mystery Merc in Traditional Rod & Kulture - This car will be one of THE feature cars at the Iron Invasion.
Thanks to all that helped contribute to this mass publicity blitz!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bombs Away Bash AND Cheaterama - THIS WEEKEND!

not sure what is in your plans for the weekend - Saturday should be filled with hot rods.......
Milwaukee has the Cheaterama - at the Nite Owl by the airport
and down by Peoria is the Bombs Away Bash.
If you can't make one - then go to the other.......
I will be at both.

Judds Custom Photos will be at Iron Invasion

here is a really cool shot from Symco Shakedown that was taken by Judds Custom Photos.  They will be a vendor at the Iron Invasion as well.  Be sure to stop by and talk to them...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Relix Riot - TODAY

Gilmore Auto Museum - TODAY!
Relix Riot - Be there!!!
If you need promo posters for Iron Invasion - stop by and get them!
If you don't see us there - then check us out at the Woodstock IL Walnecks Motorcycle Swap Meet on Sunday.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Over 50 Top Vendors coming to Iron Invasion

Thanks to all that have stated they want to be a part of the Iron Invasion.
It is this dedication to the cause that will make the Iron Invasion THE season ending hot rod party.  There are vendors from both coasts to come enjoy the festivities and we hope that the customers will support the vendors that are coming from near and far.
If you are a vendor on the list and have not yet paid for the table - please email
We will hold spots until the end of the month.
At that time we will assume you are not coming to the show and will release your spot to one of the other vendors that are on our waiting list.
We can NOT take payment the day of the event.
There is simply too much going on and we have tried this in the past -it does not work.

Name  # of Spots  Building Location

Backseat Betty Bootique 1  Building D
Bamboo Lodge Vintage 1  Building F
Broken Cherry  2  Building E 
Brown Magic Paint 1 Building F
Carmen Lee  1  Building C
Car N Art  2  Building C 
Chuck the Barber  2  Building E  
Deanna Deadly  1  Building C
Ed Tillrock  1  Building E 
Gears & Gals  1 Building C
Harlow House & Chez Schweikert  1  Building D
Hi Octane  3  Building E
Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle 1 + car  Building F
Hot Rod Honeys  1  Building E
Jimmy Flintstone  2  Building F 
JR Motorcycles  1  OUTSIDE
JW Rod Garage  1  OUTSIDE
Judds Custom Photos  1  Building E
Kansas & Diane  2  Building D 
Kiddos Kool Klothing  1  Building D
King Kustoms  1  Building C
Lions Rod Show 1 OUTSIDE
Lucky Lily Photography  1 Building C 
Macs Ratz 2  Building E 
Mark Thompson  1  Building C
Max Grundy  1  Building E  
Mike Lawson Upholstry  2  Building F
Mitch O Connell 1 Building F  
Model Display Area  Building D  N/A
Moto Tooner  1  Building E
Murder Pin Ups  1  Building E
National MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM  2  Building E 
Nate Grice  1  Building C 
Nadine Nickelsen Jewelry  1 Building C
Nate Ullrich 2  Building F 
Ol Skool Rodz  2  Building D 
One Shot Kustoms/Ms Metal 1  Building F 
Painted Horses  1  Building D
Peek A Boo Pinups  1  Building D
Psychotic Air  1  Building E
Relic  1  Building C 
Retro A Go Go  2  Building E
Retro Relics  2  Building D 
Rock and Roll Land  1  Building C
Salt Flat Matt Headers  1 OUTSIDE
Sick Bunny  1  Building C 
Speedcult  3  OUTSIDE 
Stilletto Girl Vintage  2  Building F
Tim Pinnow  1 + car  Building C
Todd Jones  1  Building E
Trophy Queen  1  Building E 
Union  1  + motorcycle Building F
Voodoo larry  1 + car Building C 
Walnecks Swap aka Buzz  1 Building C
Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio  1  Building D 
Thanks again and if you want to see any of the vendors websites  - go see the main site - there are links!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five Aces Motor CLub to show in the Car Club Building at Iron Invasion

We are happy to be able to include Five Aces Motor Club as a part of the Car Club Display building at the Iron Invasion. 
For those that don't know....
Iron Invasion will not be just the typical car show.....
One of the things that separates our event from all the others out there is the history.  We have been at this for a while now and we realize the importance of the car clubs in keeping the traditions alive.
This is why history will be a major part of the Iron Invasion - one building will be showing historic hot rod footage, other buildings will have historic hot rods and customs.....and one building will have the Car CLub Display area.
Each car club will be able to pick one car from their club to represent.
If you have one you would like to display - let us know.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AFTERDARKS will play Sept. 29 Cordova Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest - AND Iron Invasion Oct. 6

The above music video features music by The of our favorite bands.  After about a one year hiatus....
We are very excited to see the new incarnation of The Afterdarks.  Scott from the One Night Standards will be taking over guitar duties.  Come on out and sing along to your favorite songs  - No Cops No Stops!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rebel Without a Cause '40 Ford to be shown at Iron Invasion!

History is what you will find at the Iron Invasion.....
Chris Ito has accepted the invitation to bring his '40 Ford to the Iron Invasion.
Yes, this IS the same '40 Ford that was in James Dean's Rebel Without A Cause!
We appreciate all the people that are striving to make the Iron Invasion the must attend season ending car bash in the Chicago area.
If you have something historically significant and want to have a special indoor spot - please let us know soon - we are quickly running out of spots for the feature cars.

The above photos show the '40 in a screen capture form the actual movie.
The next picture shows the car as it was in 1949 with the original owner.
The last picture shows the car as it sits now - and it sits pretty.  We love it.
email: if you have something in your barn or garage that would be a nice addition to the Iron Invasion.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Over 50 videos and over 200 minutes on our YouTube channel

Did you know we have over 200 minutes of free video you can watch on our youtube channel?
Over 50 different segments - go check them out - lots of places and lots of cool events.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Max Grundy will be coming out from Los Angeles CA to sell his prints, stickers, shirts etc.
Make him feel welcome and please feel free to comment on his latest hairstyle.  It is always new and exciting..... much like his art.

Friday, August 10, 2012

IRON INVASION welcomes Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co

coming in all the way from KC!
Adam Lee & The Dead Horse Sound Company know how to bring the Bakersfield sound to whatever honky tonk joint they are playing!
Check them out at the Iron Invasion - Oct 5 pre party - playing around 8pm.
If you cant make it to the pre party - check them  out around 3 pm on Oct 6 at the Iron Invasion!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Video to Share & Watch Iron Invasion Oct. 6 Woodstock IL

The above video is a sample of the kinds of cars that will be coming to the Iron Invasion - also  you should pay attention to the music! Wayne the Train Hancock will be playing at the show.  He is the real deal and we are happy to have him play the show.
Hope you can pass the word around about our event

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vintage Drag Racing - CORDOVA IL September 29

September 29
Bring your hot rod, kustom, or cycle.
Make some passes at the legendary Cordova Dragway.
Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest is a billet free zone.....
we want to run them the way they did before the corporate sponsors became the norm.....
we want to get out there and have a good time and see if our cars can actually live up to the bench racing that the owners put out there.........
come on out - have  a good time - see some bands - enjoy

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Anderson '36 - Feature car at Iron Invasion

This amazing ride will be one of the indoor feature cars at the Iron Invasion.
Special thanks to Kevin Anderson for bringing this car all the way from Indianapolis!  You may have seen this ride in some magazines already.....
now you can see it in person at the Iron Invasion -
open to the public at 6pm on Friday night Oct 5 for the pre party.
Camp overnight if you want!
Show opens to public at 8am Oct 6.
Rain or shine - seeya there.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Chrisman Brothers Coupe at THE Chicago land area show - October 6 - only 2 months from now!!!

If you have ever wanted to see a hot rod museum piece up close and personal.....
This was the cover car for Hot Rod magazine in Feb. '54.
Iron Invasion is where you need to be.
2 months from now - this is a heads up.
Dont be late.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friday Night at the Iron Invasion Pre Party Pearls Mahone & The One Eyed Jacks

Iron Invasion will start on Friday night Oct. 5.  Public is welcome at 6pm.
Pearls Mahone will get the party started at around 7pm.
After Pearls Mahone will be Adam Lee and Dead Horse Sound Company from KC.
L'Assassins from Minneapolis.
Get your ride ready and bring some camping gear - we plan to have a good time Oct. 5/6

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Special Car Club Display Building at Iron Invasion

These are just some of the car clubs that have committed to bringing in one car into the special Car Club Display Building at the Iron Invasion.
Here is how it works.....
Each Car Club will pick the car THEY think best represents their club.
It will be inside one of the buildings at the Iron Invasion.
This building will be SOLELY dedicated to the different car clubs from around the area.
If not for the support of all these different car clubs...the Iron Invasion would not exist.
This is a way to give them the respect they deserve.
We hope that in addition to the car that each car club brings to the event, they will also bring a display to
put in front of the car or a banner to place behind the car so that everyone walking in the building will know which car is from each car club.
We also hope that each car club will bring a trophy to show the public the car that they liked best at the show....these trophies should be hand made.  If one car wins all the car club picks....
so be it.
If your car club is interested in showing in the Car Club Hall - please email us.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

ARTISTS - Rat Fink for Punk Rod Todd Memorial Fund - Contact us NOW!

For those that don't know....
Punk Rod Todd passed away and this Greaserama will be the first without him.
His wife Leslie, has bills from his care that she needs help with.
We can help her!
Artists - if you are able to get a Rat Fink complete BEFORE Aug.22 - please email me.
There are only a handful of these blank Rat Fink metal tins and we are hoping that some artists out there will take the time to help out a worthy cause.
The Rat Fink selection above were just a handful of the ones that were donated to the Vintage Torque Fest art auction.  The Rat Fink is made of aluminum and stands about 2 feet tall.
As you can see - artists came up with their own designs and this is what is needed for the Greaserama art auction as well. 
To make direct donation:
Leslie Karnahan
c/o Los Punk Rods
P.O. Box 2614
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mitch O'Connell to appear at Iron Invasion!

Some may know him from the graphic design world...others from the comic world....still others from the tattoo community.  Wherever you have seen his work - it is top notch and we are happy to have Mitch O'Connell coming to the Iron Invasion.  He will be there selling his prints, books, etc.
Go check him out and be friends with facebook.!/mitch.oconnell