Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Iron Invasion rainy Success!

Iron Invasion 2013 was a success despite the rain!  Everyone saw the forecast of 80% chance of rain, but showed up anyway.  These rides are driven rain or shine, and they did get to drive in both this year!  The downpour that lasted about an hour hit around 12:45pm and lasted about 45 minutes. After that it was sunshine and smiles all around.  The number of entries that were on site this year was 854. This is
TOTAL entries, meaning friends parking (where muscle cars park), motorcycles, hot rods and kustoms. The breakdown was 160 cars in the friends section, 93 vintage cycles, and 601 rods
and customs.
There were a LOT of car clubs that stepped up and gave us volunteer shifts at the show – Tin Militia, Rod Tossers, Slackers, Five Aces, Voodoo Kings, Twisted
Pistons, Oliver Built Group, The Aces, Wreckless Chicago, Piston Jammers, Instigators, Ton Up Club, Romin’ Chariettes, Blackwalls, Chrome Czars and others.  The feature cars that were in the buildings came all the way from Washington state.  The bands, pin up contest, vendors, artists, and all the spectators that made the show special are waiting to hear what the dates will be for 2014.  Stay tuned to www.ironinvasion.com for details.