Thursday, September 29, 2011

ART SHOW - RAT FINK - get your brushes ready!

Continuing the tradition of keeping the Big Daddy Roth spirit alive.....we bring you.......


This year's Vintage Torque Fest is gonna be the Finkiest ever! Cause we are getting some of the best artist in the WORLD to contribute!

The canvas that will be sent to the artists this year is a 2 foot by 18 inch Rat Fink.

We hope that artists that have contributed in the past will want to help the cause again.

Artists like Big Toe, 3 Sheets, Todd Jones, J-Sin, Squindo, etc have participated in the other auctions....this year we hope even more artists will want to be a part of the event.

All proceeds from the art auction directly benefit the Hannah Wells Medical Trust.

This is to help pay the medical bills, insurance, & medication for Hannah.

Info on her story can be found at

Jimmy Flinstone of has helped out with the art auction again this year. If anyone wishes to purchase the normal Rat FInk signs - contact Jimmy through his site.

Artists will receive 1 blank embossed Rat Fink ready for flake, one shot, enamel or acrylic. We know that the artists will provide some amazing interpretations to the classic icon - Rat Fink

Email if you wish to be a part of the art auction.

More info about this can be found at the Torque Fest website - click on the art show link.

ALSO - there will be some crosses that were not auctioned off at last year's event going up on the BLOG, The HAMB, and Facebook very soon.......stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Traditional Rod & Kulture - Vintage Torque Fest Coverage - GO BUY IT!

Amazing coverage in the most recent issue of Traditional Rod and Kulture.

If you dont get this magazine - go find it! It is one of the best out there. We were very excited to be located right next to Scary Larry's Jalopy Showdown Drags ad as well! Mongo took some killer pix and did a fantastic job of getting the major points across about the show.

Thanks to Zombie for giving us some is appreciated.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Present to myself

for those that don't know.....
I am a geek.
Total and complete nerd.
I love stop motion animation.
I love old 60's cartoons.
Ladies and Gentlemen - I have found the perfect combination of the two.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Maquoketa Iowa - Coronados CC

for those that dont know - the Coronados Car Club did about 300 hours of work behind the scenes at Vintage Torque Fest. This weekend they are shutting down Main Street to bring in some hot rods and cool cars..........go support them!

Coronado Car Club

Muscle on Main

Saturday, September 24

6:00 - 10:00pm

Main Street

Maquoketa, IA

For more information call : 563-357 -2775

All Cars welcome!

Free admission Prizes awarded for "Best of Show"

Beverages available for purchase

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jefferson WI is always the place to be this time of year - so - I will be there tomorrow!

I think I am in building C

come and find me - I will have a TV rolling the Vintage Torque Fest 2011 footage and distributing propaganda for May 4/5 2012 event!!! If you need some - come and hit me up!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lowbrow High Octane #6 this weekend!

anyone up in Minnesota - a buddy of mine Nick Sinclair has been doing this art show for six years - yeah there are cars that show up as well.

Go check it out - original art from others around the country.........and while you are there you can pick up this print from Nick. Or just purchase one online at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Blizzard at Sea will be playing live........
Super Chief will be playing live........
you must be there........ for info

Friday, September 16, 2011

KKOA Drag Race 2011

Thought you may wanna see some highlights from one of the premiere shows of the summer.....
the KKOA. Kustom Kemps of America. As you see here - it is not JUST custom cars.....
hot rods abound - and on Friday night - they take up out and run 'em hard.
Jerry Titus has had 31 years to perfect this show and believe it or not - he keeps on molding it.....
just this year they had a parade - and it went off with much success.
If you wanna have a good time - check out the KKOA.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Off to work.....Mecum Auto Auctions This Week!

Yes there are gonna be all sorts of cars up for auction this week in the burbs of Chicago, including the ones you see above.

I have the chance to work at Mecum Auto Auctions this week.

Hope to seeya there.

St. Charles, IL Auction
Muscle Cars & More - Live TVLive on HD Theater, a Discovery Network
September 15-18, 2011
1000 Vehicles
Featuring Muscle Cars and Corvettes, Open to ALL Collector Cars
Pheasant Run Resort4051 East Main Street
St. Charles, IL 60174
Located on Illinois Route 64, three miles west of Illinois Route 59. Next to the DuPage County Airport

Gates open daily at 8 AM Thursday thru Sunday
VEHICLES Thursday: 10 AMFriday: 10 AMSaturday: 10 AMSunday: 12 PM

MEMORABILIAThursday thru Saturday: 9:30 AM Sunday: 10-12 PM

LIVE TV SCHEDULE Thursday: 5-9 PMFriday: 5-9 PMSaturday: 1-7 PM

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Join Us in Remembering....

Hope everyone will take a moment to remember what happened 10 years hype, no over the top political grand standing.....
let's just not forget.
Peace be with all the families that were affected and still feel the wounds of 9/11/01

Redneck Rumble - good time? - ummmm YEAH

If you are in the south.....
and you wanna see a good time - go check out the Redneck Rumble

Sept 16-17

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nothing is Free? Price REDUCTION for Vintage Torque Fest & Iron Invasion

$10 for entire Weekend at Vintage Torque Fest & Iron Invasion. Vehicles Free with spectator admission.

We know there can be no car show without cars......In today’s economic times we understand how hard it is to get the rides out on the road.....and the gas $$$ that it takes to get the rides to the different events. We understand because we are car guys on a limited budget as well. We "get it".

Prices for BOTH Vintage Torque Fest and Iron Invasion will be $10.

This admission gets you all the entertainment for the entire weekend! We feel the amount of entertainment that we provide at our events warrants a $10 price tag....we hope u feel the same.

Vehicle entry will be free with paid admission. Entry requirements must still be met to be able to get your ride into certain sections of the show. This will be clarified on the site. We hope you realize we appreciate your support and hope that u will continue to spread the word at fellow gearheads and FUTURE gearheads.

Dirt Bag Biker Bash 2011

gotta cool bike? you should be in Cedar Rapids 9-24-11

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Torque Fest Update / DVD #6 etc

Thanks to everyone who we have met at all the shows around the country this summer! We have had a great time and we are now looking ahead to the fall and the final Hunnert Car Pile Up. The Chrome Czars have always been kind to us and we know that whatever they do in the future will be supported by the hot rod community. If they do a revamp of the Hunnert Car Pile Up - we know we will all be there. Bottom line - we should all support the Hunnert Car Heads Up - the drag racing event they have at Union Grove WI. I have been to all of them so far and it is a good time!

Vintage Torque Fest 2012 is starting to get under way and we have been able to add some things for 2012. By popular demand - we have added a Classic Pin Up contest. This will be sponsored in part by Retro Lovely magazine. If you have not seen this magazine yet....well - imagine Rodders Journal-only with a lot of classy dames in period correct clothing and settings.

We are very happy to have them on board as well as one of the models from Retro Lovely - Chez Schweikert. She will be in charge of this new addition to the Torque Fest and if you have questions about this new portion of the show - feel free to contact her -

Vintage Torque Fest will also be adding a second stage for the heavier music this year. The motorcycle area was a success last year - but many wanted to have bands over in that area as well - so.....we are adding a second stage to that area. So far we have confirmed

Federation of Horsepower(redneck metal)

The Big Iron (punkabilly),

and Red Desert (doom/sludge rock).

We will STILL have the rockabilly / old timey country stage as well - where it was last year.

I have had several emails lately asking about the new show that will take place October 6, 2012. This will be called the Iron Invasion and takes place at McHenry County Fairgrounds in Woodstock IL. It will be a unique show with a DIY stunt show and a theater in one of the building to show vintage drags and stock car racing as well as clips from some of the B movie greats from the 50s.

The Vintage Torque Fest DVD is off to California to be mass produced and we hope to have this in the mail to all the pre registered people very soon. We appreciate your patience. Some may know I had to get a "real" job and as a result have not been able to put the amount of time in editing the DVD. Well - it is finally done and I think everyone will enjoy it. If you have not seen a preview yet:

Vintage Torque DVD #6 is out now as well - it has coverage from ALL over.We hope you will take a look at it and buy a copy or three.....

or click here for the video preview as well as cover art and details on the DVD

Hope to seeya down the road soon and keep wrenchin on the rides - they gotta get done by May 2012!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I sure hate to see them work so hard - Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

"I sure hate to see them work so hard...."
"Yeah - me too - let's go around back so we dont have to see them."

it is easy to see where Matt Groening got his inspiration for The Simpsons

Friday, September 2, 2011

where did the fascination start?

amazing site and yeah - this is one of my earliest memories of low brow art....or anything that is even related to the stuff we have today......