Friday, September 9, 2011

Nothing is Free? Price REDUCTION for Vintage Torque Fest & Iron Invasion

$10 for entire Weekend at Vintage Torque Fest & Iron Invasion. Vehicles Free with spectator admission.

We know there can be no car show without cars......In today’s economic times we understand how hard it is to get the rides out on the road.....and the gas $$$ that it takes to get the rides to the different events. We understand because we are car guys on a limited budget as well. We "get it".

Prices for BOTH Vintage Torque Fest and Iron Invasion will be $10.

This admission gets you all the entertainment for the entire weekend! We feel the amount of entertainment that we provide at our events warrants a $10 price tag....we hope u feel the same.

Vehicle entry will be free with paid admission. Entry requirements must still be met to be able to get your ride into certain sections of the show. This will be clarified on the site. We hope you realize we appreciate your support and hope that u will continue to spread the word at fellow gearheads and FUTURE gearheads.

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