Helping Hannahs Heart

Hannah Wells - Healthy and Happy
We have established a medical trust to offset the 

medical expenses that we have incurred over the past 
few years as well as any future costs that will come up.  
Hannah is healthy right now, but will undoubtedly need 
more surgery around the age of 10-13.  Then again 
when she is 18-25.  After that, valve replacement will be 
an option at some point, depending on how the previous 
surgeries turn out.

Anyone that has gone through this sort of situation will 
realize there are a lot of intangibles that are never heard, taxis, missed work (self employed people 
do not get days off or sick leave), shots, medical 
deductibles, food, prescriptions, doctor visits, airfare, lab 
work, x-rays, etc.  It adds up quick.  We are very happy 
with our health insurance and without it we would have 
never been able to do all these wonderful things to save 
our baby girl.  We want people to know that all the 
proceeds from Torque Fest will go to the medical trust 
and anyone that wants to contribute to the fund is 
welcome to do so.  It is not easy for our family to ask for 
help, but frankly we are running out of money and not 
sure we are going to be able to keep up all the 
payments.  With your help we can provide Hannah a 
better outlook that will not have to have the huge 
financial burden that will be with her later in life.
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