Thursday, June 30, 2011

Des Moines Iowa - big ole show

I always look forward to hanging out with the Oliver Group from Des Moines - good people and very helpful in all sorts of ways. Just another chance for Vintage Torque to thank all involved for the help throughout the years. Our paths dont cross enough...........seeya at the Good Guys show in Des Moines and perhaps I can get a taste of "the bucket" on Saturday night?

and dont forget what is in town that weekend as well!!!!

Reverend Paytons Big Damn Band, Blackalicious, of Montreal.....the music selection at this event is all over the place - but all good (yes I am a fan of Blackalicious and of Montreal)

Seeya in Des Moines!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


yep - they are here - Did you take your ride out on the track at Vintage Torque Fest in 2011.....?

well - you should have one of these. It is owed to you - because YOU were willing to get out there and hit the one else gets one. We know who you are - we have the video and the insurance get in touch with us and we will get you the goods.

If you plan on attending Good Guys car show in Des Moines this week - stop by our booth and we will give one to you then.

Thanks again and hope that all the drivers that took their rides out in 2011 will do it again in 2012.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cycle Source Magazine is loving Iowa - check it out

wow.....who knew we would have such a positive response from the motorcycle guys?!
You gotta know....I had a motorcycle at the age of 6. I rode all through my teen years......and then I met my current wife and we had a friend that lost both his legs in a motorcycle crash.
That freaked us out so much that we said no bikes til the kids are outta the house.
Understood.....this only helped the car infatuation to take hold more.

SO I know there are some of the people out there that don't think the car guys and the bike guys can coexist at the same show.....but I think we did a pretty good job this past year and bottom line - the guys that are bringing the hot rods and the bikes BOTH have the same do it yourself mentality..........
so even though one group may listen to heavier music....and the other group may tend to wear the hair slicked the end we all have a love for this think called the internal combustion engine and THAT is what we will keep us together.

There are already enough "powers that be" out there trying to divide us. Respect for what each group does is evident at Torque Fest and at Cycle Source magazine.....(as seen in the article that was written in the current issue)
The crew that rolled in obviously had a good time and we can't wait for them to come back in May of 2012.

GO BUY THIS MAGAZINE! Available at Borders and Barnes and Noble etc....
Get a feel for what the younger guys are building - you may just get hooked.
Chris Callen - THANK YOU....I will tell ya again in person.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

WEESNER Powerslide Prints available! Only 500 Produced!

OK - so the ORIGINAL painting was sold at Vintage Torque Fest (thanks for all those that bid on this amazing piece), but you can still get the image and frame it in your party pad or garage.

And the proceeds are going to the Hannah Wells Medical Expense Trust - Special thanks to Keith Weesner for letting us use this image. Only 500 produced and once they are gone - they will not be reissued. No guarantee on getting a number you want......sorry.

Size - 12" x 16.25" This is the same size as some of Weesner's other prints that he has issued in the past. Keith Weesner has not signed these. He was signing them at Torque Fest.... if you were able to come to the show....and he will be there again in 2012 (we hope)

$20 + $7.65 shipping

Friday, June 24, 2011

Future Heart Replacement? The future with no pulse....

When Hannah was born the doctors told us - "if this same medical condition had happened to your first daughter (born 5 years earlier).......she would not have made it."

Pretty amazing technological advancements have been happening in recent years..........

who knows if this one will gain any traction, but it is truly amazing what is going on.

Check out the story - and get ready for a world with no pulse! If this is a success.....who knows - our daughter and many others like her could be looking at this in the future.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HELP NEEDED - Your Car in an International MAGAZINE

OK - hope I have your some of you may know we just had coverage in HOT ROD magazine.....that is pretty amazing. Well - there is another magazine that has worldwide coverage that is wanting info on some cars that were at Torque Fest. Travis Scanlan at had some of his killer photos picked up by this magazine.......

IF you happen to own one of these or know the info on these rides - PLEASE email me ASAP. This deadline is coming up quickly and odds are the editors will be choosing the rides that have the info for a caption instead of the ones that do not. So please help us in anyway and send info with the corresponding picture/number.
You can also post directly on facebook or send message through facebook.

And we are not allowed to post the name of the magazine until the article hits the streets....sorry.

Rest assured we will be keeping everyone in the loop on any national/international coverage that Vintage Torque Fest receives.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Gears & Ears - Yorkville IL Sunday June 26 Good swap meet! Great Cars!!

June 26-Sunday - a nice event - family fun - cool cars. I will be there - hope you are too! Lots of cars - usually over 500 of 'em!

I have found some really great stuff for my '35 at this swap meet as well - I suggest you show up early.

Kendall County Fairgrounds – Yorkville, Illinois Entrance on Route 71 - Just West of Route 47

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Road Rocket Rumble - Davy Jay Sparrow FUN WEEKEND fer sure!

I am very excited about seeing Davy Jay Sparrow and His Well-Known Famous Drovers next week at the Road Rocket Rumble in Indianapolis. They are playing Thursday night so get there early! If you have never been to the Road Rocket Rumble - you should go check it out. June 23-25 at the Clarion Waterfront Hotel.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bombs Away Bash - Aug 27 - you have been given notice!

Here is the official word from the Bombers CC:

"Due to the overwhelming response of participants planning on attending this years Bash we have had to make a very difficult decision to move the venue. This years Bombs Away Bash will be held at the East Peoria Events Center. This is just 10 miles from Crusens but offers a much better venue that will support all the folks planning to attend... The Event Center has a 20K+ square feet air conditioned indoor area that will be used for the bands and bar.. PBR, mixed drinks & food. The outdoor area is huge, over 10 acres!! Now, not only will we be having the bands, but we will be announcing new entertainment and events to the day.. such a motorcycle stunt show & a burnout contest.

This years bands: The Empires, The KrankDaddies and The Bible Belt Sinners...

We will be making updates with local hotel & might be offering camping on-site.We are very happy to announce this change and if you have any questions please let us know!!!!!

Bombs Away Bash #5

East Peoria Events Center

4200 East Washington East Peoria, IL 61611

More Info to come...Thanks, Bombers CC"

There ya go - it will be a cool show - I am gonna hit it the entire day/night this time.....last year I split my time between the Cheaters show in Milwaukee during the day then I drove to Peoria and hit that show that night. This year I hope the Cheaters wont beat me up - cause I am gonna hit the Bombs Away Bash all day long. The Bombers show doesn't start til 2pm and goes til 2 am so I think Aug 27 is going to be a FULL day for many hot rodders in the midwest!

Perhaps you can do what I did last year - hit the Cheaters show in the morn - then about 1pm take a trip down south and hit the Bombers show - it will go late fer sure!!!

And dont forget the Cordova Dragway Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest! Aug 6!

Monday, June 13, 2011

no bigger show in the summer

If you want a road trip this Fathers Day weekend....St. Paul, MN
THIS show is pre '64.....there may be a bigger show out there.....but not with the year limitation.

Back to the 50's is one of the biggest & best shows in the country.

We will be in the Progress Building - it is up on the hill by the water tower - NOT the space needle....the water tower by the campgrounds.

Seeya there!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

DicE at the FU - anyone in central IA that is not are missing out

they are coming from all over the you should too. Most amazing gathering of bikes assembled in Iowa.

I have to choose between this and the Scrap Drive and Hunnert Heads Up - I gotta go do those two events instead.

210 Indianola Road, Des Moines - (515) 285-8226

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back in Maquoketa - it is official - contract signed

Jackson County Fairgrounds May 4-5, 2012
Hope to seeya there........
and dont forget about Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest Aug 6 at Cordova Dragway as well.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whoa.....HOT ROD Magazine?!! Thanks to Josh Kurpius and Matt King

Not really sure where to start.....the mother of ALL hot rod magazines.......HOT ROD just gave us a couple of pages in the new issue. Speechless, stunned, floored are just some of the words that come to mind. I have to thanks Josh Kurpius for being such a great guy over all the years I have known him. I know without his lead this most likely would not have happened. He and Matt King (from HOG magazine) rode to our show and took some pix and had a good time. Matt knows some of the guys over at Hot Rod and I am not sure if it was David Freiburger or Rob Kinnan or who.....but THANK YOU.

This little show we have in Iowa is all about having a good time and raising money for kids with heart issues......thanks for putting a spotlight on the show - we truly appreciate it.


Thanks for all that came out to make the show so special - hope to seeya again in 2012.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

REAL drag racing - like it was back in the day......

Ok....after I hit the Scrap Drive in Belvidere IL - I am gonna go check out some vintage racing at Union Grove WI.
Those cool cats that put on the Hunnert Car Pile Up - they do this event as well. Saturday - come down and see some real racing..........

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


All you people in WI, IL, IA.........go support this show - it is a great place to find some hard to find stuff - and they are some of the greatest guys out there.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Heineken? F that S....PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!! coming to a celebrity near you!

Former Pabst execs bitter about shift in philosophy under new owners

there ya go....this article says it all about the new ownership..........
pretty soon you will see Justin Timberlake and Kesha (or whoever the celebrity of the month is) loading up on PBR....
ya still think it is gonna be cool to pound the Pabst when Hollywood gets ahold of the brand?
We will see.........
guess Frank Booth will be turning over in his grave pretty soon.

I am off to get a Heineken

Friday, June 3, 2011

Detroit Bound

hope the Road Devils don't throw me outta the car in the badlands of Detroit and say "find your way back to Iowa - corn boy!"