Monday, June 27, 2011

Cycle Source Magazine is loving Iowa - check it out

wow.....who knew we would have such a positive response from the motorcycle guys?!
You gotta know....I had a motorcycle at the age of 6. I rode all through my teen years......and then I met my current wife and we had a friend that lost both his legs in a motorcycle crash.
That freaked us out so much that we said no bikes til the kids are outta the house.
Understood.....this only helped the car infatuation to take hold more.

SO I know there are some of the people out there that don't think the car guys and the bike guys can coexist at the same show.....but I think we did a pretty good job this past year and bottom line - the guys that are bringing the hot rods and the bikes BOTH have the same do it yourself mentality..........
so even though one group may listen to heavier music....and the other group may tend to wear the hair slicked the end we all have a love for this think called the internal combustion engine and THAT is what we will keep us together.

There are already enough "powers that be" out there trying to divide us. Respect for what each group does is evident at Torque Fest and at Cycle Source magazine.....(as seen in the article that was written in the current issue)
The crew that rolled in obviously had a good time and we can't wait for them to come back in May of 2012.

GO BUY THIS MAGAZINE! Available at Borders and Barnes and Noble etc....
Get a feel for what the younger guys are building - you may just get hooked.
Chris Callen - THANK YOU....I will tell ya again in person.

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