Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whoa.....HOT ROD Magazine?!! Thanks to Josh Kurpius and Matt King

Not really sure where to start.....the mother of ALL hot rod magazines.......HOT ROD just gave us a couple of pages in the new issue. Speechless, stunned, floored are just some of the words that come to mind. I have to thanks Josh Kurpius for being such a great guy over all the years I have known him. I know without his lead this most likely would not have happened. He and Matt King (from HOG magazine) rode to our show and took some pix and had a good time. Matt knows some of the guys over at Hot Rod and I am not sure if it was David Freiburger or Rob Kinnan or who.....but THANK YOU.

This little show we have in Iowa is all about having a good time and raising money for kids with heart issues......thanks for putting a spotlight on the show - we truly appreciate it.


Thanks for all that came out to make the show so special - hope to seeya again in 2012.

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