Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Davenport Bike Swap - world famous - come see why!

ok - ok - it is overrun with Japanese and Europeans........why? Cause they know to find the good stuff they gotta come to the Davenport Bike Swap. I will be there on Thursday and Friday - I will bring out some vintage posters I have laying around here that I should have put on ebay a long time ago.....seeya there.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's the last Pile Up - do a good thing and VOLUNTEER

The RedShirt Army needs YOU!

You know you are gonna go - so why not go ahead and help out while you are there - in order for this last event to run smooth - they are gonna need some bodies to help in a lot of different locations! All they ask is two hours.......sign up NOW - registration for volunteers ends Thursday - and yeah - the Thank You gifts are always AMAZING....but you shouldn't do it for that reason.

Seeya at the Pile Up

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oldie but a goodie

Dont forget - we still have some of the ORIGINAL Max Grundy prints available from Vintage Torque Fest 2010

These are really big - like 16 inches x 16 inches - only 100 produced and they are all signed/numbered by Max

you can purchase here

Saturday, August 27, 2011

GREASERAMA - it's almost here - will U be THERE?

what can you say about Los Punk Rods?.......

they are an amazing group of individuals.....I look forward to hanging with them every chance I can - and for me there are not many get above them.......

this is just my opinion of course....

but without them - Vintage Torque Fest never would have happened - I told them of the idea - but I had no money - they said "if you had the funds to pay the track and the insurance - would you do it?"

yeah - of course..........

and they cut us a check.

mind blowing.



I will forever be in their debt and if you ever see them out - thank them for giving back to the hot rod community - they do it in MANY countless ways that never get any publicity - and they dont care about that..........

but thank them - they are filled with the true spirit of keeping hot rodding alive.

they also put on a show that has about 1000 entries of cool cars - cool people - cool vendors - go check it out over Labor Day weekend

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Centerfold action - yeah - that's me.....NO RAT RODS

It comes down to definition.....what IS a rat rod?

Rat Rod Magazine just put me in the centerfold. Ok - Ok - maybe it's not me...Maybe there are other guys out there with red hair, glasses, and make it a point to wear goofy striped overalls.And perhaps there are other guys out there that look like this, that try to put on events where only traditional hot rods and customs are allowed to enter. Coincidence? Maybe....Bottom line is that we agree with 2 out of the 3 lines on the sign that the mean gate keeper is holding up.

1 - No Billet - agreed.....we dont like billet. Why? Because it represents something that is NOT traditional. Billet was not seen in the 50's and 60's. These billet accessories are a relatively new phenomenon and if you are a street rodder stuck in 1998 then I am sure that you want to do your best to keep up with the "Boyd Coddington" look. This kind of car is welcome at thousands of shows all over the country every single weekend of the year. People with our mindset are trying to have something special at events like Vintage Torque Fest and this is why we explicitly state - No Billet in our entry criteria.
2-No Rat Rods - we go. It comes down to definition doesn't it? My friends and I consider rat rods to be unsafe and/or art cars. What is an art car? Something that is designed to get attention for mere shock value or comedic value. Take a look at some of the silly things that Carl Casper did back in the day. The Popcorn Wagon started to go down that road of art car and then the"Pinball Wizard" and "Phone Booth" sealed the deal with the over the top craziness. It became a mockery of some of the amazing stuff he produced-like the Paddy Wagon. THAT is a cool ride. It is a show rod - but not one that is SO over the top that it makes you roll your eyes. I understand that people want to have a car that is unique and something that people will want to check out....but it seems that people want to weld just about anything on to their ride that will be of shock value.
"oh wait - I have to fill that back quarter panel cause there is nothing on it - how about this giant metal spider" Well....ok - that is fine. But you have just put something on your ride that makes it an art car. We can go round and round til we are all blue in the face trying to define what is and what is not a rat to the magazine that featured ME as the centerfold.

Aside from the cover car on Rat Rod Magazine #8, there are no rat rods featured in the magazine. Before you send me nastygrams - note that -This is my OPINION-What I see are hot rods in different stages. Some are complete and are no where NEAR the rat rod spectrum....take a look at Scott Peck's '50 Chevy truck in Issue #8. How is that truck a rat rod? Because it needs paint? Also - this guy is a member of the Road Devils...not sure they are really a "rat rod" car fact -they have a long tradition in hot rodding - started in 1946! And this is a nice segue into what we DO want at our show - TRADITION. The appearance of something from the 50's or 60's.Why this era? Cause that is when hot rodding was at it's peak. This is before the big 3 came in and started mass producing all that muscle that took over. What we strive for is a picture of a car show taken in 1961, and a picture from our show should look like they have the same kinds of cars....that is to say - the cars in the picture from 1961 could easily be interchanged with cars that are at today's Vintage Torque Fest. I urge anyone out there to show me photos of hot rod and custom car shows from the late 50's and 60's that had cars with shotguns welded on to them....A car with things like that welded on are a "non traditional" car.
3- NO FUN - This is where I object. The guy in the picture up there states that you are gonna have NO FUN at the event he is guarding.....well...if that is supposed to be me then you know that is NOT what we are all about. If you talk to 99% of the people that come to Vintage Torque Fest - you will know that the first priority for the show is FUN. If you think that we are some stodgy, uptight crowd that sit behind our cars for 7 hours and wait til the plastic trophies are handed out and then go home....well - you are terribly mistaken. Our show is designed for the true car enthusiast....ones that are not afraid to drive their rides (not sure you heard - we have a dirt track for people to actually take their rides out on), rockabilly bands from all over the country, a lowbrow art show that has contributions from artists all over the world - yes - WORLD. Vendors from CA to NY. Motorcycles (again the correct kind [pre '75 choppers, bobbers & customs],swap meet for auto parts ONLY, and who can forget - Friday night vintage stock cars, motorcycles, & BUS RACING! If you can't have fun at Vintage Torque Fest - then you are in the wrong hobby and I would say it is time for you to take up quilting or stamp collecting, cause this show is power packed and filled with too much FUN stuff to do in one day. AND - it should be noted that we have a different parking area for bone stock rides as well as rat rods-they dont have to park over with the Camry's and F-150's. SO we do give them special treatment - just because the ride is not "traditional"does not mean that we dont like it....Just like the Roadster show in CA on Fathers Day weekend - they have a "Friends" section of the show where NON roadsters can park. That is a great idea and no one complains. We try to do the same thing.
So I hope you understand that we are not out to upset anyone - we just want to have a certain kind of hot rod or kustom car represented at the show....I know it is hard to explain and I know that some people don't understand where we are coming from, but I bet if you come to Vintage Torque Fest - you will "get it"
John Wells
PS Rat Rod Magazine layout is done REALLY well. The photography is top notch. Aviator's Delight spread in Issue #8 was REALLY well done! A classy model and a photo shoot that was obviously well thought out and executed! Keep that trend up and readers are going to be wondering - where are all the rat rods in Rat Rod magazine?ha

OH and if you want to see VIDEO of people having fun.....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug 27 - U better be hitting the road!!! Bombers CC & Cheaters CC

ok - ok - I DID make both shows last year........I succeeded. But I did not make it to the Bombers show til almost 9pm.

Well - let me tell ya - the party was still going on - I stuck around til midnight then headed back home.

This year - I gotta choose and since I have been to the Cheaterama 3 times and never been to the Bombers show in its entirety.......I am gonna go check out the Bombs Away Bash this year.

No matter which one you decide to go to - you are guaranteed a good time. I know a couple of cool cats that are gonna hit the Cheaters show early then head on down to Peoria. It can be done - I did it last year.....

Good weekend to get the ride outta the garage!!!!

And yes - it's true the Cheaters have made the best car show flyer - EVER.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reckless Ones - Friday Night @ Vintage Torque Fest

Great band - high energy - talented....just the kind of band we want at Vintage Torque Fest!

OH.....and they ARE going to be at Vintage Torque Fest!!!! Check them out Friday night!!!!

go buy their CD before the show so you can stand in the front row and sing along!

They will bash your teeth in with sonic goodness Friday night - May 4, 2012

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Federation of Horsepower - Vintage Torque Fest May 5, 2012

u missed them the first Torque Fest......cause it was splitsville after the awards.........well - this year - you better check 'em out cause they are here to kick your teeth in with some real heavy.

I will be there front and center screaming "DOGS!!!!!"

if you know the CD - you know the song........

here is a video:

here is a site:

check 'em - the 6 people that stayed around to see them live at Torque Fest #1 have been waiting impatiently for the return to Iowa of the mighty Federation............
now we hope to convert even more with the gospel of Horsepower

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot Rod Deluxe gives us some love - WOW - go buy an issue now!

wow - thanks AGAIN to Matt King and Josh Kurpius for coming out to Vintage Torque Fest this year - not sure if you saw the latest issue of Hot Rod Deluxe - we got 3 pages and the Lonestar Round Up got 4 pages......

we are truly grateful to Hot Rod Deluxe for taking the time to let everyone know about our show in Iowa.....we are actually closer to Chicago than Des we are not that far away from the windy city.

Mark your calenders for next year - May 4/5, 2012 - Rain or Shine

remember - this year the weather man said 60% chance of rain for our show on Saturday.....we received ZERO rainfall.

You gotta commit - rain or shine - that is why we have 17000 square feet of indoor space!

and this year that indoor space will have a pin up contest!

Seeya there.

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 20 Gilmore Auto Museum RELIX RIOT III

Relix Riot III August 19 and 20.

Hot rods, customs, gassers, choppers, bobbers, pin up contest, live bands and tons more.It all kicks off Friday the 19th with a FREE pre party kick off with live bands under the famous big tent including Left Lane Cruiser and the Hex Bombs. Free camping overnight....

Saturday Aug 20-Gates open at 9 am.

9 bucks for spectators or show your ride w a passenger for 15.

This is a traditional hot rod show - so if you are not familiar with that term- it means :Nothing stock

NO 'theme' cars and NO RAT rods- I guess it depends on your definition of Rat Rod....some people think my'35 Ford (totally stock) is a rat rod - I consider a rat rod to be an unsafe vehicle that has no concept of keeping the traditions of hot rodding in the 50s /60s alive.

NO wheels produced after 64. This doesnt mean you cant run repop wheels that were built up to mid 60s, it means NO billet wheels, boyds, foose, s 10, camaro ralleys, etc.

NO independent front ends on open wheel cars.

NO muscle cars unless done as a gasser or altered.

Bikes will be determined as the come through the gate. Choppers and bobbers built to fit the culture of the show are what we want to see. NO fat tired OCC, 9 ft long billet clad, tribal painted crap-NO twin cam anything

Bands playing:Wild Woodys, Chupa Cobras, and Pearls Mahone.

In the vintage shell station, Moxie hair and beauty will be doing hair styles for anyone interested and for pin up contestants.

AND you can go to the Gilmore car museum with a huge collection of pristine automobiles dating back to the turn of the century, all the displays, a 40s shell gas service station, a restored working diner, vintage motorcycle shop, acres of room w TONS of shade and room to relax.

This is a rain or shine show

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pix from Run Whatcha Brung - THANKS to all that showed up!!!

Mike Lavallier and Ed Wilson took all these photos! Thanks for having such a good eye!

We had a great time out there at the Cordova Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest.

Special thanks to Sampson for bringin out some cool old vintage pieces for sale at the swap meet. Todd Jones for coming over to set up and have some nice art available for the hot rodders. Tori and Ryan for making the trek - and plowing through the five - yes FIVE break downs to get there!

Three on the Tree really stepped up and played til they almost passed out-literally.Brains! Brains! Brains! were great as usual - even though the hot rod crowd may not "get it" I still enjoyed them.And the Krank Daddies really killed it late at night - they played even AFTER the bar shut down! Fifth Dimension soundwere there to provide some good sound sfor the bands as well.

Really need to thank the Bombers for getting down with this - they are a really cool bunch of guys and I hope they will want to do this again.

Coronados CC - you guys are amazing as well - thanks for always being there to support the coolness!
All those that come out and had a good time - thank you. We will seeya down the road - this week is Symco Shakedown and theweekend after that is Bombs Away Bash! Gonna be a blast.

Oh - and my daughter Madison and wife Kim held down the details while I was out filming and having a good time.....for that THANK YOU!!!

Our next event:TORQUE FEST

May 4/5 2012 - ask off work NOW so you have no excuse.....