Monday, August 8, 2011

Pix from Run Whatcha Brung - THANKS to all that showed up!!!

Mike Lavallier and Ed Wilson took all these photos! Thanks for having such a good eye!

We had a great time out there at the Cordova Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest.

Special thanks to Sampson for bringin out some cool old vintage pieces for sale at the swap meet. Todd Jones for coming over to set up and have some nice art available for the hot rodders. Tori and Ryan for making the trek - and plowing through the five - yes FIVE break downs to get there!

Three on the Tree really stepped up and played til they almost passed out-literally.Brains! Brains! Brains! were great as usual - even though the hot rod crowd may not "get it" I still enjoyed them.And the Krank Daddies really killed it late at night - they played even AFTER the bar shut down! Fifth Dimension soundwere there to provide some good sound sfor the bands as well.

Really need to thank the Bombers for getting down with this - they are a really cool bunch of guys and I hope they will want to do this again.

Coronados CC - you guys are amazing as well - thanks for always being there to support the coolness!
All those that come out and had a good time - thank you. We will seeya down the road - this week is Symco Shakedown and theweekend after that is Bombs Away Bash! Gonna be a blast.

Oh - and my daughter Madison and wife Kim held down the details while I was out filming and having a good time.....for that THANK YOU!!!

Our next event:TORQUE FEST

May 4/5 2012 - ask off work NOW so you have no excuse.....

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