Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug 27 - U better be hitting the road!!! Bombers CC & Cheaters CC

ok - ok - I DID make both shows last year........I succeeded. But I did not make it to the Bombers show til almost 9pm.

Well - let me tell ya - the party was still going on - I stuck around til midnight then headed back home.

This year - I gotta choose and since I have been to the Cheaterama 3 times and never been to the Bombers show in its entirety.......I am gonna go check out the Bombs Away Bash this year.

No matter which one you decide to go to - you are guaranteed a good time. I know a couple of cool cats that are gonna hit the Cheaters show early then head on down to Peoria. It can be done - I did it last year.....

Good weekend to get the ride outta the garage!!!!

And yes - it's true the Cheaters have made the best car show flyer - EVER.

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