Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HELP NEEDED - Your Car in an International MAGAZINE

OK - hope I have your attention.....as some of you may know we just had coverage in HOT ROD magazine.....that is pretty amazing. Well - there is another magazine that has worldwide coverage that is wanting info on some cars that were at Torque Fest. Travis Scanlan at Royboyproductions.com had some of his killer photos picked up by this magazine.......

IF you happen to own one of these or know the info on these rides - PLEASE email me ASAP. This deadline is coming up quickly and odds are the editors will be choosing the rides that have the info for a caption instead of the ones that do not. So please help us in anyway and send info with the corresponding picture/number. vintagetorque@gmail.com
You can also post directly on facebook or send message through facebook.

And we are not allowed to post the name of the magazine until the article hits the streets....sorry.

Rest assured we will be keeping everyone in the loop on any national/international coverage that Vintage Torque Fest receives.


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