Sunday, June 26, 2011

WEESNER Powerslide Prints available! Only 500 Produced!

OK - so the ORIGINAL painting was sold at Vintage Torque Fest (thanks for all those that bid on this amazing piece), but you can still get the image and frame it in your party pad or garage.

And the proceeds are going to the Hannah Wells Medical Expense Trust - Special thanks to Keith Weesner for letting us use this image. Only 500 produced and once they are gone - they will not be reissued. No guarantee on getting a number you want......sorry.

Size - 12" x 16.25" This is the same size as some of Weesner's other prints that he has issued in the past. Keith Weesner has not signed these. He was signing them at Torque Fest.... if you were able to come to the show....and he will be there again in 2012 (we hope)

$20 + $7.65 shipping

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