Thursday, August 16, 2012

Over 50 Top Vendors coming to Iron Invasion

Thanks to all that have stated they want to be a part of the Iron Invasion.
It is this dedication to the cause that will make the Iron Invasion THE season ending hot rod party.  There are vendors from both coasts to come enjoy the festivities and we hope that the customers will support the vendors that are coming from near and far.
If you are a vendor on the list and have not yet paid for the table - please email
We will hold spots until the end of the month.
At that time we will assume you are not coming to the show and will release your spot to one of the other vendors that are on our waiting list.
We can NOT take payment the day of the event.
There is simply too much going on and we have tried this in the past -it does not work.

Name  # of Spots  Building Location

Backseat Betty Bootique 1  Building D
Bamboo Lodge Vintage 1  Building F
Broken Cherry  2  Building E 
Brown Magic Paint 1 Building F
Carmen Lee  1  Building C
Car N Art  2  Building C 
Chuck the Barber  2  Building E  
Deanna Deadly  1  Building C
Ed Tillrock  1  Building E 
Gears & Gals  1 Building C
Harlow House & Chez Schweikert  1  Building D
Hi Octane  3  Building E
Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle 1 + car  Building F
Hot Rod Honeys  1  Building E
Jimmy Flintstone  2  Building F 
JR Motorcycles  1  OUTSIDE
JW Rod Garage  1  OUTSIDE
Judds Custom Photos  1  Building E
Kansas & Diane  2  Building D 
Kiddos Kool Klothing  1  Building D
King Kustoms  1  Building C
Lions Rod Show 1 OUTSIDE
Lucky Lily Photography  1 Building C 
Macs Ratz 2  Building E 
Mark Thompson  1  Building C
Max Grundy  1  Building E  
Mike Lawson Upholstry  2  Building F
Mitch O Connell 1 Building F  
Model Display Area  Building D  N/A
Moto Tooner  1  Building E
Murder Pin Ups  1  Building E
National MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM  2  Building E 
Nate Grice  1  Building C 
Nadine Nickelsen Jewelry  1 Building C
Nate Ullrich 2  Building F 
Ol Skool Rodz  2  Building D 
One Shot Kustoms/Ms Metal 1  Building F 
Painted Horses  1  Building D
Peek A Boo Pinups  1  Building D
Psychotic Air  1  Building E
Relic  1  Building C 
Retro A Go Go  2  Building E
Retro Relics  2  Building D 
Rock and Roll Land  1  Building C
Salt Flat Matt Headers  1 OUTSIDE
Sick Bunny  1  Building C 
Speedcult  3  OUTSIDE 
Stilletto Girl Vintage  2  Building F
Tim Pinnow  1 + car  Building C
Todd Jones  1  Building E
Trophy Queen  1  Building E 
Union  1  + motorcycle Building F
Voodoo larry  1 + car Building C 
Walnecks Swap aka Buzz  1 Building C
Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio  1  Building D 
Thanks again and if you want to see any of the vendors websites  - go see the main site - there are links!

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