Monday, August 13, 2012

Rebel Without a Cause '40 Ford to be shown at Iron Invasion!

History is what you will find at the Iron Invasion.....
Chris Ito has accepted the invitation to bring his '40 Ford to the Iron Invasion.
Yes, this IS the same '40 Ford that was in James Dean's Rebel Without A Cause!
We appreciate all the people that are striving to make the Iron Invasion the must attend season ending car bash in the Chicago area.
If you have something historically significant and want to have a special indoor spot - please let us know soon - we are quickly running out of spots for the feature cars.

The above photos show the '40 in a screen capture form the actual movie.
The next picture shows the car as it was in 1949 with the original owner.
The last picture shows the car as it sits now - and it sits pretty.  We love it.
email: if you have something in your barn or garage that would be a nice addition to the Iron Invasion.

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