Saturday, August 25, 2012

MetalCraft - The Art of Brown Dog Welding - ATTENDING IRON INVASION

I literally did not believe that a guy could do such detail with "normal" tools and pieces just laying around the shop.  I saw an entire table full of this stuff and the attention to detail was just too good - I figured another product coming from China.......
but then I picked up a piece - and it was real.  It felt like something - not something manufactured - it felt
Josh was not at his table at the time - but he had a friend there and he told me about how talented this guy was and how he was obsessed with doing this "the right way"
I was sold....
I got it....
go check out his site -

1 comment:

  1. can this also be mass produce like if a certain person will order the same item about 100 pieces? if not, how long will it take to fabricate or assemble like the motorized bike?

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