Saturday, August 4, 2012

Special Car Club Display Building at Iron Invasion

These are just some of the car clubs that have committed to bringing in one car into the special Car Club Display Building at the Iron Invasion.
Here is how it works.....
Each Car Club will pick the car THEY think best represents their club.
It will be inside one of the buildings at the Iron Invasion.
This building will be SOLELY dedicated to the different car clubs from around the area.
If not for the support of all these different car clubs...the Iron Invasion would not exist.
This is a way to give them the respect they deserve.
We hope that in addition to the car that each car club brings to the event, they will also bring a display to
put in front of the car or a banner to place behind the car so that everyone walking in the building will know which car is from each car club.
We also hope that each car club will bring a trophy to show the public the car that they liked best at the show....these trophies should be hand made.  If one car wins all the car club picks....
so be it.
If your car club is interested in showing in the Car Club Hall - please email us.

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