Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five Aces Motor CLub to show in the Car Club Building at Iron Invasion

We are happy to be able to include Five Aces Motor Club as a part of the Car Club Display building at the Iron Invasion. 
For those that don't know....
Iron Invasion will not be just the typical car show.....
One of the things that separates our event from all the others out there is the history.  We have been at this for a while now and we realize the importance of the car clubs in keeping the traditions alive.
This is why history will be a major part of the Iron Invasion - one building will be showing historic hot rod footage, other buildings will have historic hot rods and customs.....and one building will have the Car CLub Display area.
Each car club will be able to pick one car from their club to represent.
If you have one you would like to display - let us know.

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