Monday, August 27, 2012

40 Days til Iron Invasion - Register NOW - Hotels sold out - Dont Wait too long or....

Oct. 5 is the start of it all.....
then the real action starts on the 6th.
Dont be late....
9am on Oct 6 is late.
If you are late - and stuck in traffic to get in to the show - dont whine - you have been warned.
In fact - park your car on FRIDAY and come back with some fellow hot rodders on Sat.
Car pooling may not be the coolest thing in the world....
but in a case like this - it makes sense.
So if a crew of three guys rolls in  - 2 of ya park on Friday at 6pm and then watch some bands.....
Come back at 830 am on Saturday and only ONE car is coming instead of 3.
Everyone has been asking about the pre registration.
Currently we are on track for first year Torque Fest numbers.
For those that don't remember we had 400 qualifying cars and 100 non qualifying cars.
This said - MANY people in the area have told me they dont plan to pre reg and that we should be prepared for a much larger car count.  We will see how it goes....
If we can match first year Torque Fest numbers I would consider the show a success.
Anything over that would be bonus.
Did you get a hotel?
well - if you did not get one in Woodstock - dont bother - they are all sold out.
We are now hitting up McHenry and Crystal Lake.
40 days to go....
and it will go by quick.

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