Thursday, October 6, 2011

2012 shows - Independent Syndicate - Mark 'em on the calender

many many people out there are trying to tell everyone that there are no more good shows out there because the Pile Up is ending after ten years. Yes the Pile Up was the biggest no doubt....

It is simply not true - look at what they have spawned!!!

There are now a lot of other shows that you can attend and have a good time and hang with your friends and still see the cool rides.

A central location to find these kind of shows..............

The Independent Syndicate

There are a few of us that organize these kind of shows around the midwest and we have all come together to try to tell you people that there are other shows out there!

go check it out.....

and if you are at the Pile Up and you are looking for the 2012 schedule - simply ask us....

at the Vintage Torque booth, the Bombers, The Tin Butchers, Breeder, Cliffy.....we are gonna be there making sure you people know about the shows in 2012!!!!

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