Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oliver Built Group PINK HELMET AUCTION - to help pay medical bills

Well - I finally unearthed the last of the helmets that were supposed to be auctioned off at the FIRST Vintage Torque Fest.

yeah - yeah - I know...organization is not my strong suit....

This was a very popular one and the work that went into it was crazy.

Lace work - striping - super nice. ALAN McWILLIAMS did the lace and base paint.

DEN OLIVER did the pinstriping and Oliver Group did the super cool bag that comes with this amazing piece.

Thanks to all involved and hope that you will want to bid to help out with some medical bills.

For those that dont know what is going on:

This auction $$$ will go directly to the Hannah Wells Medical Trust.

Info on payment will be provided once the auction is complete.

For those that dont know about the art show we have every year in conjunction with Torque Fest - you should check it out.

This year we will be getting artists from around the world to do their version of Rat Fink!

At the shows these helmets were bringing about $125-$200

Hope you will go on the HAMB or on Facebook to bid - THANKS

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