Saturday, October 1, 2011

IRON INVASION - get your promo material at the Pile Up

Yes - we know - it is over a year away.....but we really hope you will spread the word.....

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What else are you gonna be doing next October.....???

Come on out to Woodstock and have a good time.

We will be distributing promo material at the Pile Up in Decatur - so we hope you will grab some and take it back home with ya and look forward to it next year.

some have asked us - what is setting this show apart from any others?


not every show has a Do It Yourself Stunt Show.........

that is right - YOU can go out in the stunt area and rip it up with some power slides or donuts and get the crowd into it.

Another thing that not every show has is the Retro Reels Cinema - a great chance to go and check out some vintage footage from the past.

And we will bring you some good music that is not seen at just every show.......

October 6, 2012

Rain or Shine

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