Friday, October 12, 2012


Why? - Cause of the people involved.....

First - Thanks to the Good Lord Above for all the blessings - too many to count - the friends and those that we cherish in this community are incredible and I know that without some guidance from somewhere else...we simply would not be able to have such tremendous support.

Gotta give some huge thanks to Tin Militia - they were ALL going 90 to nothing for 3 days straight....There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that Mitch Huffington laid out - we are forever in his debt. He and his wife, Jenni,  have taken this on as a major undertaking, and we are very happy that they are able to have such a positive influence on the show.

Andy Long and his wife , Jessica, were there the entire time helping out - and thanks for helping sell the shirts outside - we simply did not have the manpower to do it and you help make the event shirts roll on out the door. We appreciate it.

Marquardt- the big guy in Tin Militia that looks kind of intimidating - was running non-stop as well, and when we needed help getting the traffic out of the event - Mike was already on hand trying to get it all lined up. It is really difficult to get 3,000 cars out of one exit when they all want to leave at the same time.
Next year we will hire the local sheriff to start exiting cars at 1pm instead of 3pm. We just did not think people would leave so early....

The swap meet looked like it had the right vibe - and that is because the Tin Butchers were in charge! They were not letting in the Beanie Baby or tupperware sales - those people can set up anywhere - we want car parts ONLY. Does that make for a smaller swap? YES. But we would rather have 25 swap meet guys selling the right stuff than 100 selling new Hot Wheels and lawnmower parts. Remember that the first Torque Fest only had 8 swap meet guys. This past year we had over 100 spots sold and I suspect we will have even more in 2013 when we move to Dubuque.

The Half Fast crew were in the mix as well getting the word out as well as taking care of the motorcycles that showed up....since it was so cold - there were only a handful that actually made the trip. But next year it may be 80 degrees and we are overwhelmed with cycles.... ya just never know.

Robies Grading made sure that the stunt show aspect of the show was covered - coming out and getting the dirt groomed so no spectators wound up with a smashed face from a flying rock. Rob also helped to get the burnout plate in place. Not only is Rob a great guy - he is also a sponsor of the show. We hope that next year there will be more people to help with the entertainment of the crowds - cause ultimately it is YOU who we need to go out there and mix it up a bit. Also - next year we will add a bit of mud at one end of the dirt so we can get even more action in.

Locally, there was Mike V. and his wife Dawn, who helped out with all the paperwork, permits, municipality fees, and county bureaucracy....I have to say thanks for responding to my many calls of panic. Putting on a show in IL is WAY different then doing one in IA. And then at the show - Mike V. was great and his wife never complained about standing out in the cold... you are both lifesavers!
Rocky Hodges and Robin from Mecum were not only significant in getting the Chrisman Brothers coupe onsite - they also helped with tying up all of the loose ends that were unraveling all day long on Friday and Saturday. Rocky is my boss at Mecum and I look up to him quite a bit. One of these days I will be able to have that cool confidence that he does and not lose my temper....

Doug and Sherry (Justabeater on the HAMB) were in position from early morning to late at night....I am very thankful to have people like you helping out and are willing to go the distance. Obviously I listen to Doug since he is the one that told me about a little town called Maquoketa. Thanks Doug - we appreciate your suggestions and hope that you keep them coming.

Ol Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe were a sponsor of the show as well, and Alan Mayes came to the event to hang out. He is a super nice guy and we appreciate the support he has shown throughout the year to help get the word out about the event.

Harley Davidson was really nice for sending out koozies for the beer and we hope to have a long lasting relationship with them in the future.

The Woodstock Fire Department was super cool to come out and check the show out - and while they were there provide their services free of charge. This is typically a huge expense and we do not take their contribution lightly - it was a huge savings for the foundation.

The Merlin Award - sponsored by Victory Performance Parts - was given to the Edsel you see in the image above - super cool ride and we hope that next year even more people enter.

Of course a first time event does not just get 686 cars....there is a path that has been laid down by a group of individuals that have put in 10 amazing years - The Chrome Czars. Without their efforts over the past decade we simply would not be able to have this event turnout the way it did. Your continued support is humbling and we do not take it for granted. This applies to ALL the car clubs that came out to support this cause. Thank you and know that the gate proceeds this year covered the cost of the show...
this is great for a first time event. We hope that we can make an impact on families with children with congenital heart defects in the future. With your continued help we can make a difference in people's lives - people we know in this hot rod community.

Also - another big thanks to Keven Carter for formulating the initial concept, name, and artwork that were used for Iron Invasion - his mind is in tune to the history of hot rodding and it is easily seen in his work. to see his work.....

And lastly - the family and friends.  Our pals the Barbers came out from Iowa to help sell product - and we needed the help.  Even their kids got in on the act selling coffee and candy!  And the family that puts up with late night phone calls, meetings that take place out of town, and the overall chaos that takes over for the entire month before the show - Thank you.

Thanks to all the vendors, pin up girls, bands, car/cycle owners, and spectators that made Iron Invasion an event that will be a must attend for years to come.

Seeya May 3-5 - Dubuque IA
The Wells Family

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  1. congradulations on a sucessfull first show and may you have many more in the future
    you are very fortunate to have a ton of friends that step up and help out