Thursday, September 6, 2012

Only 30 Days - then - IRON INVASION

There are car shows every week of the year....

They can be seen at the local McD's or Auto Parts parking lot.... The show coming to McHenry County fairgrounds will be the location for a
vintage car and motorcycle show called the Iron Invasion.  This show is open to any car that is
1964 and older.  The motorcycle section of the show is open to bikes that are 1975 and older.
If a gearhead turns up to the show in his wicked 1969 is OK.  We have special parking
for them too.  But they will not be parked next to the historic Chrisman Brothers Coupe or a feature
car that was in James Dean's REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.

 This show strives to bring the truly historic cars
out of the garages and bring them in one central location.
McHenry County Fairgrounds is the location that has been picked for 2012.
This event is open to the public and is a fund raiser for Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation.
This is a non-profit 501 c 3 corporation designed to help familes that have children with congenital
heart issues.  Information can be found at
More info about vendors, car entry requirements, bands, etc can be found at

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