Thursday, September 27, 2012

241!!!! Pre registration exceeds expectations!!!!

241 Pre registrations for Iron Invasion!!!!
This is amazing - thanks to all those that took the time to send their money in advance.
Be on the lookout cause your wristband, registration card (which will get you in 30 minutes early), info pack, and sticker will be heading your way this week - in fact some of you may already have this.
The 241 pre reg # is BIG - because this is almost EXACTLY what we have for Torque Fest II.
At that event we had a grand total of around 650 cars.
I sincerely think we are going to get at LEAST that many cars at the Iron Invasion.
Take into consideration that hardly any of these pre registrations came from Chicago....
I have been told by MANY that they dont bother with pre reg - they just show up.
This is the way it has always been at other big shows like this in the past.....
so people are just used to showing up and paying the entry $$$.
Another factor that is looming is the fact that we allow in a little bit more stuff than what has been let in to other shows like this in the past.  We ahve a rule that states ANY stock vehicle from 1900-1948 is IN our show.  Other shows in the past had to have 2 visual modifications to get in.  We do this for 1949-1964 cars - but not the ones before 1949.
So tell your friends and neighbors to get to the Iron Invasion EARLY - I think you are gonna want to be there all day long - tons to see and do and we already have a cool car count going - let's keep it going folks!!!

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