Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 - take a minute.....

9-11 is a day to reflect - to remember....
I went to the photo albums looking for pix we have from NYC before the attack.
I could not find them.......
but I did find a picture of me at the age of 6 riding my first motorcycle - a cool little Yamaha 80cc.
My dad was pretty cool for buying that for me.
I still remember riding all over southeast missouri with him.
Take a minute and reflect.........
appreciate those that you have and don't be afraid to tell them.

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  1. There’s certainly a reason why this was the photo you found instead of what you were intending to find. We should let the 9-11 tragedy rest. Anyway, exactly what year was that taken? I had never ridden on a ‘little big bike’ as a kid. Are the controls the same with the normal-sized ones? You look cool and cute on it, complete with the helmet and flared pants! I’m not sure if the flared pants made sense, haha!

    - Erik Lucien