Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nothing will replace the Hunnert Car Pile Up.....

so...there are some other shows out there trying to say THEY are the next Hunnert Car Pile Up.
They are wrong.
The Pile Up went out in a blaze of glory much like The Clash.
Ended on their own terms and they have dictated to many the way a traditional hot rod and custom car show should be run.

Now that there is no more Pile Up, many will try to say that they are the place to be, to capture that same magic.

For those that are in the know....
The Chrome Czars are the car club that put on the Pile Up for all those years.
And the Red Shirt Army!
Shows like the Pile Up don't just happen....they are groomed with love and respect for the hobby & lifestyle.
Will there be other shows out there?
but nothing will replace the magic of what they have done for us over the past decade.
Our hope is that people will make the annual October trek and come to the Iron Invasion.
The Chrome Czars will be there. will have to ask them....but I don't think you will see Czar members out at just any car show - and I seriously doubt you will see them at shows that are claiming to be the next Pile Up.....
We respect the car clubs so much - and rely on them to keep the traditions going.

So if you want to attend a show that will involve The Tin Militia, Metal Melters, Slackers, Kreepers, Tin Butchers, Cheaters, Vagabonds, Oliver Built Group, Road Kings, Blackwalls, No Club, Hot Heads, Rod Tossers, Half Fast, Romin Chariots, Voodoo Kings, Coronados, Five Aces Motor Club, Bare Bones, Bombers, Blacktop Barons, Relix, Piston Jammers, and many more....then we humbly suggest you come to The Iron Invasion.

The Iron Invasion is a traditional hot rod, custom, and cycle show.

We invite you to learn about our event.

And if you care to support some cool art - you can purchase a copy of the above image and relive the good ole days........
details at:

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