Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BE THERE EARLY! Woodstock Illinois and Route 47 Traffic

Under normal circumstances the traffic in Woodstock IL on Route 47 is slow....
On October 6 there is a strong possibility for a crawl.
This is why we are urging you to SHOW UP EARLY!
9:01 am is late.
Traffic on Saturday morning in Woodstock typically gets congested around 930 or 10 am.
Add a few thousand cars to that and you can see what happens.
We urge you to be there early and this will help alleviate any kind of backup.
Some may remember that last year of the Pile Up in Morris IL.
I showed up there at 630am.
I left at 7PM
I never knew there was ANY backup or highway trouble until after the show and I read about it on the internet.
Cause I was there early and I stayed late.
No drama....
and I had a blast that day.......
We hope everyone will come over early and stay late.
If you can't - please note some alternate routes.

Coming from the South on Route 47:
Turn Right on McConnell right after the railroad underpass
You will see a Yamaha dealership and a car wash at this junction.
After turning onto Mc Connell - go down to Zimmerman and turn left.
Zimmerman will then dump you DIRECTLY into the entrance to the fairgrounds.
By taking this McConnell/Zimmerman back road you will avoid 2 more lights on Rt. 47.

If you are heading from the North...
and there is a backup on Rt 47
Turn LEFT on McHenry Ave (Route 120)
Drive for 1.7 miles
Then take a Right onto Queen Anne Road
Drive 1.3 Miles to Country Club
Turn Right onto Country Club
in .8 miles the entrance will be on your right hand side.

Anyone that can take the Country Club/Bull Valley Rd  from Crytal Lake/Lake Zurich, McHenry....we highly recommend that.

There is only one entrance to the McHenry County Fairgrounds.
Please plan accordingly.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, John. I do remember the Pile Up pile up, but we were in the same boat as you were.