Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vintage Drags May 5, 2013 - Tri State Raceway - NEW part of Torque Fest '13

May 5
Tri State Raceway
Vintage Torque Vintage Drags
So you did not get enough action during Friday & Saturday?
c'mon out and check out the cars going down the 1/4 mile.
Entry is only $5 for spectators to get in at this special event WITH TORQUE FEST WRISTBAND.  $10 for spectators that do NOT have the wristband.  There will be special parking for those that have classic cars.  ALL classic cars are welcome in this special parking area.
If you want to run your car down the track - you must pass inspection and you pay $20 for unlimited passes.
To run your car down the track you must NOT have any modern aftermarket accessories.
This means those aerodynamic hoods, modern wheels, and modern paint schemes will be asked to park in the spectator area for today.  Tri State has MANY other oppurtunities for cars to run throughout the season.... May 5 is to be a special day set aside for the vintage vibe.  Hope you will join us.
The raceway is 28 miles west of the Dubuque County Fairgrounds.
Tri State Raceway   
   2217 270th Ave   
   Earlville, IA  52041   
   Phone - (563) 923-DRAG(3724)

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