Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back Story....Helping Hannahs Heart

In case anyone is wanting to know the back story on Vintage Torque was about 5 years ago we learned that our baby girl was not doing so well.....

The ultrasound tech spotted some issues with the heart and we were sent to Boston to have some emergency procedures done on our baby while still in utero.

After she was born she had to have open heart surgery. She is 4 now and will require more open heart surgery in the next couple of years.

A few of the regional car clubs (Los Punk Rods from Kansas City paid for the location and insurance last year and The Cheaters from Milwaukee ran security and helped promote the show big time and Oliver Group out of Des Moines did a ton of legwork) got together to support a fundraiser car show - Vintage Torque Fest.

We know this can be a gift to the community and we have started a foundation called the Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation. This is a non profit corporation and we will be working with our local pediatric cardiologist here in Iowa to help familes that are in need.

This is a VERY condensed version of the story.

Full details and an updated site are at:

We will have an auction at 2PM Saturday to help raise funds for the foundation.
This auction will include an ORIGINAL Keith Weesner painting!!!

All track action will stop for 30 minutes while this auction takes place........

sorry for the delay - but this is an important part of the show - so come in and bid on some cool pieces of art that have been donated by artists from all over the world!

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