Friday, April 15, 2011

Better than free beer! ok - maybe not.....

Yeah - the picture looks like it was taken circa late 60's/early 70's.....nope. This is a recent picture of the guys from Flat Track MN hitting it at the Sacramento Mile. These guys go all over the country doing vintage exhibitions for fans. We are very happy that they are coming down to show off their skills.

These guys are trained professionals (seriously) and only THEY are allowed to get their motorcycles out on the track. The general public are NOT able to take their motorcycles out on the dirt track - sorry the insurance company simply will not allow it.

Vintage mini bikes are OK.....take your hot rod for a couple of laps is OK too.....but only the Flat Track MN crew are able to get out there and give us a show with the motorcycles.

Tentative schedule for the exhibition is:

Friday night at 7:30 pm (if the dirt is not too bad after the Midwest Jalopy Legends tear up the track)

Saturday Morn - they will kick off the track action at 11:00 am

Saturday Afternoon - One last exhibition for the masses at 3:30PM

More Info:

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