Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Aug. 6 Cordova Dragway Run Whatcha Brung DRAG FEST

So there are all these people that come up to me at every event/car show/swap meet I am at....
and they are like "You know what you should do?.....You should have a deal like Torque Fest only at the Drag Races........" Yeah - they are right ....we should.
After seeing the success of the Hunnert Car Heads Up at Union Grove and the Meltdown Drags in Byron IL.....there is a real segment of the population that are wanting to get their rides out on the drag strip and see what they will do in the 1/4 mile. If it is a couple of old Caddys lining up - that is cool too - it is all about coming out and having a good time - just like at Torque Fest.
We will have some good bands to come out and entertain us - and this thing is gonna run late - so dont worry about getting there early -cause they wont let us in til about 1pm.....but we are gonna camp out all night. And YES they will turn the lights on for us as well - so even if your cruiser doesnt have working headlights - it will be so bright out there on the strip you wont have any problems! We hope that people will come out and support this event.....this has been tried at Cordova before and frankly they were VERY skepitcal about the kind of turn out that has been there in the past. So I hope all you true hot rodders and cruisers will come out on Aug 6 and have a good time and know that the entry fee will get ya at least 4 different bands, and as many runs down the track as you can possibly do! Sounds like fun to me! We will have flyers for this event at the Vintage Torque Fest as well - so pick one up and stick it up at work or on your fridge at home so you dont forget!

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