Saturday, April 9, 2011

Go Buy It - Hit the Newsstands this week

Well it seems this months Ol Skool Rodz issue was somehow manipulated by Vintage Torque......ok - not really - but it is weird all the tie ins we had with this issue! There was the feature on the Mexican Blackbird - which is gonna be a Feature Car segment on Vintage Torque DVD#6 (yes we got to interview Pete Chapouris and Billy Gibbons - BOTH were VERY cool), keep on flipping through and there is a nice segment on the Road Rocket Rumble - a great show that we will be at AGAIN this year, turn a few more pages and there is the Max Grundy ad - featuring the art that will be on the Vintage Torque Fest shirts, keep going a couple more pages and wow - here is a page that has 2 things V.T. related.....1st is the review of the old book that has just been reprinted - Hot Rod by Henry Gregor Felsen - his daughter Holly Welch will be at Vintage Torque Fest AND the car that is on the cover of the book will be at the show as well!!! Looking down that same page is a review of the Kustom Kemps of America DVD that we filmed in July of last year - go buy your copy NOW! And of course a special Thanks to Ol Skool Rodz for helping sponsor Torque Fest - check out the FULL PAGE AD! Nice huh? Wish I had the graphics skills that Keven Carter had....if you have not checked his site: Overall a cool issue and you should go buy a copy!

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