Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunday - you are already in why not check out -

OK - people have been asking me what to do on Sunday after Torque first response has been - What am I gonna do on sunday? - RECOVER......ha.....

well - if you have never been to the National Motorcycle Museum - you would be silly not to go check it out - it is about 30 miles away and WELL worth the drive for any internal combustion engine enthusiasts.

Not even I have been to the NEW location - so even if you have seen the old location - the new place is MUCH bigger so go check it out.

And be sure to check out the movie posters that you see on the wall in the museum - some of those came from me! If you are looking for original old movie posters we will have some at the Vintage Torque Fest so bring some $$$ with ya!

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