Friday, April 8, 2011

Pre Registered Guys and Gals - be on the lookout!

We are getting ready to send out all the pre registered information to all those kool kats that have been so kind to register early. For those that don't know - you are guaranteed a spot at the drive-in on Saturday night by pre registering.....something tells me this may be a hard ticket to get around 7pm that night. Pre registered people also get the Vintage Torque Fest DVD when it is released in June/July. All you other people have to pay $15 + shipping when they come out. So it is a really good idea to pre reg at our show. Oh - and one more thing - Saturday morning - the pre registered cars get in before everyone else........Yes we are still accepting Pre Registration but it is getting late, so get your $20 in now. Expect a packet of info with your car reg, map, town guide, and event schedule/map coming to you very soon.

Thanks again to everyone that pre registered - we appreciate it.

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