Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dont Be Afraid! They REALLY are a great bunch of guys....

Just so everyone is on the same page......Half Fast from Chicago was down with Torque Fest when we were just getting started. This is why they are in charge of the motorcycle section of the show. Cycle Source Magazine and the Limpnickie Lot are going to be at the show as well - but when it comes down to who's bike is getting in the show - that is gonna be the responsibility of Half Fast Chicago. These guys know how to get on the road and drive. Try tracking them may be hard cause they are always on road trips with their machines. And when they are not on the road clicking off the little white lines - you can find them hosting some cool events around the Windy City. And yeah - they may have the rough exterior but truly have some hearts of gold. This was seen in action when they made a nice contribution to Helping Hannahs Heart. So go check out their site and go support their events around Chicago.

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