Friday, April 29, 2011

Where are you? The show just opened!!! You gotta get here!!!!
If you are already a friend of John Wells - then you probably know that we have been posting pix of what is rolling into Vintage Torque Fest already.........
if you are not a friend of John Wells - go ahead and add it to your facebook account - this is the only way you can get real time updates of Vintage Torque Fest.
We will post updates about parking and other details of the show as they happen in real time.

Dont forget - the racing starts tonight at around 6pm - Bus Racing is around 830pm. Bands start at 4:45 pm - 5 bands tonight!
ONLY $5 per day for spectators!
Yes - you can see 5 bands and vintage racing for $5...........
what a deal.

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