Sunday, February 12, 2012

The ORIGINAL Gasser.....coming to Torque Fest!

This car was the first of a series of Gassers and Funny Cars campaigned by NHRA Hall of Fame legend Junior Thompson over many years. The Old Black Studebaker won “Little Eliminator” in the first U.S. Nationals in Oklahoma City in 1958. It ran every weekend at Lions Drag Strip, at Pomona, Santa Ana and many other drag strips. The OBS (as it has come to be known) was raced against, and beat the best of the gassers during the ‘Golden Age of Drag Racing’, including Doug Cook, Tim Woods, Pitman and Edwards, Ed Weddle, Dick Harryman, Howard Johansen and many others.”

We are honored to have such an historic car being displayed in the inside historic hot rod section of Vintage Torque Fest.

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