Saturday, February 25, 2012

American Pickers visit the National Motorcycle Museum

For those that dont know.....the guys from American Pickers are loyal and have not forgot about the people that were friends with them BEFORE they were the cable phenom they are now.
John (creator of the National Motorcycle Museum) has always been a cool guy to me and he has been friends with Mike and Frank before they were "stars."
Here is a way Frank and Mike remember who was there for them way back when.

Frank and Mike came to Vintage Torque Fest last year as well. We did ask them to come- but knew that with the hectic schedule they now have - it would be very hard to find the time to show up. Not only did Frank and Mike show up to the show....they actually hung out and had a good time as well.

I do not know if their filming schedule will allow them to be at Torque Fest in May of this year......but Mike has agreed to let us view his recent purchase - the Von Dutch XAVW at Vintage Torque Fest May 4.5 - this will be in the main hall with other historic hot rods and customs.
I bought my first '35 Ford from Mike waaaaay back when - long before the show was on the air and I thank him for the continued friendship.

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