Thursday, February 2, 2012

ART SHOW - Rat Fink Alert!!!!

OK - so we have received a Polar Fink, the Kustom Dorr Roth Fink, and Gator came up with his striped Fink.

Now it is up to the artists out there to come up with some variations on the theme.

I have had some artists ask what we want....well - whatever you think will be a cool idea and something you may feel is unique.

My daughter and I came up with a quick list of things that may be interesting to see turned into finkdom.....

Classic Icons like:Monroe


James Dean

CLassic horror icons:


Bride of Frank

Creature Black Lagoon



zombies are really popular now - Zombie Fink

Automotive Icons

Shelby Fink

Dale Earnhardt Fink (complete with intimidating moustache)

Henry Ford Fink

Mopar Fink

homage to movies finks:Milner Fink from American Graffiti or Robert Mitchum Thunder Road Fink

period correct Fink - caveman, middle ages fink - Victorian / Steampunk Fink, 50's Fink

turn Fink into a girl and put a poodle skirt on her

do a Don Johnson fink from the 80s

Heavy Metal fink (like Rob Halford from Judas Preist)
add some real hair, or cut the fink up and add your own parts/appendages (keep it family friendly of course), be dazzle the Fink - add sequins or glitter
of course the variations on paint scheme can be tremendous....flat black with red accents

or the new flat black - FLAKE!

pinstripe the fink to the max
how about other cultural icons these days

Mario Bros Fink

Darth Fink

Bart Simpson Fink

Kiss Fink

Angry Bird fink

or how about going to the color copy place and using some old Car Toon magazine covers and pasting them all over the fink?

the list goes on and on - but dont be afraid to make yours stand out!

We cant wait to see what the artists come up with and if you have not received your Fink - PLEASE email me.

Remember these need to be turned back in to me by April 15. We will have a professional photographer take pix of the Finks before the show.If you turn them in at the show - you risk not getting your Fink in the national magazines.


for more info about the art show - just go to and click on the Art Show link

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