Saturday, May 28, 2011

Too much going on - what to do....what to do

Man - there is a lot going on next week.....locally there is the get together by the Erie Car Club 4th of June at Bens shop in Fulton.

Then the Road Block happens in a Chicago suburb called Yorkville - really great show with some gooooood music. This one is put on by the Blacktop Barons - one of the coolest clubs in the midwest! This one is June 4th 10am-4pm

If you happen to stay in Chicago - go check out the motorcycle swap meet in Morris IL on Sunday.

OR if you are really into vintage motorcycles - you should come on over to Iowa and see the Vintage Rally and swap meet!This one is happening all weekend long at the newly relocated motorcycle museum. And there is a hill climb in Anamosa on Sunday as well - so that should be a really cool time!

I am gonna go ahead and head over to Detroit - the Road Devils gave me a personal invite and I am honored to be able to hit a show that it put on by some local clubs in the area that have been doing this long before it was fashionable. Some may know that the Billetproof Detroit show has now turned into Sins of I hope to be able to go hang out with some friends....make some new ones and make some gas money. For anyone that does not think there is anything going on next are just silly.

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