Thursday, May 5, 2011

They came out to represent!

The car clubs that showed up to the Vintage Torque Fest were from all over!Here are the clubs that had members there to represent!

Los Punk Rods - Kansas City, MO

Oliver Built Group - Des Moines, IA

The Choppers - Burbank, CA

Road Devils - Detroit, MI

Swiss - Speedway, IN

Rollin' Coasters - Monroe Center, IL

Midwest Street Rod Assn. IL

Lone Wolves - Milwaukee, WI

Hot Heads - Eau Claire, WI

Kropdusters - Cedar Rapids, IA

Asphalt Fiends - Bettendorf, IA

Fugitives - IL/WI

A-Town D-Bags - Aurora, IL

Corn Creepers - Des Moines, IA

Rat Rod Farmers - Malvern, IA

Possum Dodgers - St. Clair, MO

Bitchin' Beaters - Frankfort, IL

Double-D Speedsters - Cannon Falls, MN

Tin Militia - Lake Villa, IL

Hot Rod Hillsters - Otho, IA

Tin Butchers -Poplar Grove, IL

Chrome Czars - Chicago, IL

Rat Bastards - Fox Valley, WI

Smokey Hollow Twisted Pistons - Lodi, WI

Slackers - Chicago, IL

Bare Bones - IL

Skunk River Cruzers - Colfax, IA

Voodoo Kings - Streator, IL

Bad Fun Drivers Society - Hanover, MN

Salvage Saints - WoodridgeNobodys Heros - Chicago, IL

Stardusters - Mead, NE

Suedes - Fargo,ND

Custom Auto Crafters - Freeport, IL

Voodoo Villains - South Dakota

Bottom Knockers - Louisville, KY

Half Fast - Chicago, IL

Coronados - Maquoketa, IA

If we forgot you - let us know!

Thanks for all the support - we have no car show - without the cars - THANK YOU


  1. There may have been one or two Vagabonds walking around, too.

  2. LOWnerS were there!! Really enjoyed the show, see ya next year

  3. I received an bad ass hand built award from the County Line Cruisers from Erie Il. They were definitely there and had great taste in cars!

  4. VAGABONDS were huge volunteers and well represented ~ THANKS GUYS!!!