Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OLIVER GROUP did an amazing job - sorry if there was confusion

hey - in that last post I totally screwed up the way I worded some things.....
What I should have stated is that The Oliver Group did an amazing job - some of the volunteers who are NOT part of the Oliver Group failed to pull their shifts.
This created total chaos and it was no fault of The Oliver Group.
When people sign up to do a 2 hour shift we really do count on them for their time.
Unfortunately there were some who decided to get the free entry, free shirt and then simply not report to do their duty.
That is what happens sometimes. But the Oliver Group did the best they could with what they were given.
I want everyone out there in internet land to know that I screwed up on that last post and if I would have had someone proofread my posts I would be better off.....


  1. I knew what ya meant. I felt bad for not volunteering and feel worse now that I see that some didn't show, however even without volunteering I still missed stuff that I wanted to shoot.
    Great job OBG & all involved!

  2. Thanks Travis - sometimes when you type and dont go back and read what you have typed....well - things turn out NOT the way you intended