Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Thanks to Flat Track MN

Vintage Torque Fest - Saturday about 4pm

So I walk up on these guys and they are standing around shooting the breeze, laughing, having a good time.....and one of them says - "hey are you the guy that invited us down here?"


"Cause this is the best thing we have been to man! We are coming back next year and we are bringing a LOT more people"

I said cool - and they would not let me leave til I had my own personal temporary knuckle tats.....

something they had already done to themselves earlier in the afternoon.

These guys "get it"

They know that the future of this event can be strong....as long as we all get along - have a positive attitude and come together for a purpose - to have fun and help out the cause.

These guys were down with it. We hope you will be as well in 2012.

Anyone that is local (to Cordova Dragway) - and wanna have a good time - check out this event Aug 6

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