Thursday, March 15, 2012

Torque Fest Photo Shoot - YOUR car could be on the COVER & Centerfold Sponsor Needed!

So for the past 2 years 365 Ink magazine in Dubuque has been giving us some love....

like MAJOR love. This is a free magazine that tells everyone in the northeast Iowa/northwest Illinois/southwest Wisconsin region what is going on in the area. Obviously Torque Fest was a unique show in the area (region) and we were lucky enough to be able to get the cover shot for the past two years. Special thanks to Mike Ironside for making this happen!!!

The first year was kind of a surprise - the magazine called me while I was at the Lonestar Round Up in Austin TX. They stated we could have the cover IF we could get some good images to them in 2 days! Luckily I am friends with one of the premiere photographers in the country - John Jackson of Not Stock Photography. I called him up and told him the deal - 20 minutes later the cover photo and others were sent to 365 Ink magazine. John is a true professional and we always look forward to all the road trip pictures that he throws on his Facebook account.

OK- I got sidetracked there........anyway - 365 Ink is giving us a cover again this year. And we need YOUR help. 1) Cars for photo shoot! 2) $$$.

The $$$ is simply for the centerfold for 365 Ink - they have to spend a bit of extra money on putting that insert in there and they are looking to get a couple of sponsors to help pay for that centerfold. As you can see last year there were 2 sponsors and they were able to put their logo on the centerfold poster. Anyone that wants to get info about this - please contact me at or 365 Ink directly - Torque Fest will not be dealing with the $$$ - that is between the advertisers and 365 Ink magazine. We had about 500 of these available at Torque Fest last year and they were GONE on Friday.....people were asking on Saturday where to get that "Torque Fest magazine" So if you want to participate in this issue - now is the time to get that ball rolling.

CARS - we are gonna be doing a photo shoot very soon in the Dubuque area. This will happen the weekend of March 23-25th. We will let everyone know the exact location and time when they are firmed up. But if you want a chance at being on the cover of 365 Ink - here is the roll call!!! Get those rides outta the garage and get them running cause here is a chance for tens of thousands to see your ride. Yes - 365 Ink has a circulation well over 10,000. And yes....the car needs to meet the same entry requirements that we have at Torque Fest. Studio H photography will be handling the local shoot and they will be determining which cars will be shot in the photos. Hopefully some group shots will be lined up as well while everyone is there!

So there ya go - really cool that 365 Ink is helping us get the word out again and we hope that YOU will wanna help out 365 Ink - either with advertising or just bringing your car around to the photo shoot.

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