Monday, March 26, 2012

2 stages of Music - 16 Bands!!!! Only $10 for Weekend Pass at Torque Fest!

we have two stages - traditional country/western swing/rockabilly and the heavier stage by the motorcycles - MORE bands to be announced - ALL this for only $10!!!!
Mean Mother - from Detroit - great energy RNR
Red Desert - from Minneapolis - bringing the HEAVY - U may have seen them play the Dirt Bag Biker Bash and the DiCE party in Des Moines!/thebigiron
The Big Iron - old school punk/punk a billy/ from Kansas City - another high energy act THANKS FOR THE THERAPY!
Federation of Horsepower - Killa City R N R - kick you in the teeth red neck metal
Daikaiju (pronounced Die Kie Jew-means giant monster in Japanese)
heavy surf - with a good bit ot theatrics - from Space Nebula #9
Lucky Tubb - if you dig Hank III - your gonna like this outlaw Austin TX based boy!
The Dyes - Cramps meets Horrorpops but more rockabilly....from Chicago
The Surf Zombies they always do....the Zombies are from Iowa.....
Al & The Black Cats - from MI - yep another HIGH ENERGY rockabilly/psychobilly band
Cat Club - from SPAIN! Give these guys a chance and you are gonna be dancing fer sure!
Western Starlanders - from Milwaukee -truly talented musicians reviving the spirit of Bob Wills
Davy Jay Sparrow
old school western swing / country all the way from backwoods KY
Reckless Ones - amazing Neo Rockabilly- u dig the Stray Cats? buddy you are gonna love this Minneapolis based act
Koffin Kats - high energy is an understatement - if you are not blown away by the live stage act you are not alive. Coming from Detroit

more to be announced -

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