Monday, March 19, 2012

CAR CLUB AWARDS - Car Clubs At Torque Fest - ATTENTION!!!

Last year we had an amazing turnout of car clubs from around the area - this year we hope to increase it even more.
If you are in a car club and want to give a car club pick - simply make a trophy - and get up on stage at 4:45 in the main hall.
Please wear some kind of representation - either a shirt with your logo or a club jacket.
This will be photographed and filmed for the DVD.
Here are some of the clubs that were at Torque Fest last year.

Los Punk Rods - Kansas City, MO
Oliver Built Group - Des Moines, IA
The Choppers - Burbank, CA
Road Devils - Detroit, MI
Swiss - Speedway, IN
Rollin' Coasters - Monroe Center, IL
Midwest Street Rod Assn. IL
Lone Wolves - Milwaukee, WI
Hot Heads - Eau Claire, WI
Kropdusters - Cedar Rapids, IA
Asphalt Fiends - Bettendorf, IA
Fugitives - IL/WI
A-Town D-Bags - Aurora, IL
Corn Creepers - Des Moines, IA
Rat Rod Farmers - Malvern, IA
Possum Dodgers - St. Clair, MO
Bitchin' Beaters - Frankfort, IL
Double-D Speedsters - Cannon Falls, MN

Tin Militia - Lake Villa, IL
Hot Rod Hillsters - Otho, IA
Tin Butchers -Poplar Grove, IL
Chrome Czars - Chicago, IL
Rat Bastards - Fox Valley, WI
Smokey Hollow Twisted Pistons - Lodi, WI
Slackers - Chicago, IL
Bare Bones - IL
Skunk River Cruzers - Colfax, IA
Voodoo Kings - Streator, IL
Bad Fun Drivers Society - Hanover, MN
Salvage Saints - Woodridge
Nobodys Heros - Chicago, IL
Stardusters - Mead, NE
Suedes - Fargo,ND
Custom Auto Crafters - Freeport, IL
Voodoo Villains - South Dakota
Bottom Knockers - Louisville, KY
Half Fast - Chicago, IL
Coronados - Maquoketa, IA
The Metal Melters Car Club Plainfield IL
The Cheaters Milwaukee, WI

Please note that in the main hall there is a MASH pole at the Coronados CC table.
That is where you post your car club info and tell people where you came from and how many miles you drove to get there!
We truly appreciate the support of the car clubs that keep this hobby rolling - without you guys/gals......
we would not be able to get the ball rolling.
If not for a generous donation by Los Punk Rods, Vintage Torque Fest would have never happened.
If you see those guys walking around............Thank them.

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